Sunday, September 26, 2010

A busy fall!

Hello! Wow, there has been a lot going on around here! After getting back from our friends' wedding in Iowa in early September, we started a constant stream of activity. Eric's mom Ruth was up here when we got back, waiting for the arrival of Bekah's new baby Jonah. We all thought that Bek would go early and that it wouldn't be a long wait... however, it was almost 2 more weeks after returning before he decided to make his grand entrance. We spent the week waiting with anticipation, and starting some large house projects. Eric and David, with the help from Ted and a few neighbors, completely remodeled our deck! It looks so much nicer. The wood was rotting and there was a big hole where we had cut the hot tub out, and now it is a clean, lovely looking deck. They did great work. My high school friend Molly came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and stayed for a week which was great, great fun. It felt fun to have a vacation here in town, and it is always so fun to spend time with her. It was just like old times. As soon as she took off to head back to MA, Eric's dad Mike got here! That was one day after Bekah had Jonah at the birth center where I work. He was a good little baby and came in the morning so after a really nice water birth, everyone was able to hang out in the birth center, have breakfast, etc. That was a fun mix of family fun and work! Also during that week, we had an ultrasound which was amazing. We had such a wonderful time watching this little babe on the screen, as active as can be. The first thing we noticed was something sticking up, which led the ultrasound tech to believe that this baby is very likely a little BOY! So that was exciting. We loved watching him move around, wave his hands and roll around. Everything looked perfect and healthy and we feel very lucky for that! The place we had the ultrasound done was great because they gave us a DVD of the whole scan so we can continue to watch him move around, and also a few still pictures that I'll show here. We looked on the regular screen as well as in 3D and 4D. He is still so skinny that 3D was a little freaky looking, but still amazing.

Well I'm now 14 weeks, so I'm oficially in the second trimester! Feels good to be here and we're really excited for all of the changes that come soon, like feeling the little one.

Ruth and Mike are both still here, so the activity and house projects have not stopped. There are new lights going up, new floor for the kitchen and laundry room has been purchased so we will do that at some point, shelving is up in our laundry room and closet (hoping to make it a pantry!) and it's always GREAT to see the changes take place. I love house projects!

Eric has been traveling for work the past week, off and on. He leaves for 2 days, and then is home for one, and then took off again. First he went to a village called Nondalton, and now he is in Ketchikan until tomorrow. The nice bit about being in Ketchikan (other than the fact that it is supposed to be a very interesting town!) is that he at least has cell phone reception. So we can hear that he has landed, what he's up to, and that he hasn't been eaten by bears. This provides much more comfort than his other trips :)

That brings us to now and I have no other news to report at the moment! But I'm sure I'll have more to say very soon.

For now...