Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Since we have been here

It is our 4th full day in Anchorage now, and so far things are going as well as they can when you move with nothing. We rolled in Friday evening and surprised everyone which was fun, and because it was memorial day weekend we all had a lot of time to spend together. We have spent evenings in the yard with a fire pit, done some walking and dog parking, job looking etc. It has been mostly relaxing activities that still somehow manage to be a bit exhausting but I think that is what must come with a large move. We have the closet and the bathroom set up, and we are all working together on getting the kitchen stocked. There is much to be done to make the place feel cozy and homey, but we love it in the house already. I cannot wait to get some side tables and a desk so there is somewhere to put the stuff that neither goes in the closet or in the bathroom. Doing school work and such does not work well in either of those areas. The hardest thing for me since moving here (not that we have been here for that long) has been Finn's adjustment. He was so good for the majority of the trip, and the last few days I think it started to wear on him... like he was under the impression that we would never be anywhere else other than the car. I thought when we got to the house everything would bounce back but he has been slowly adjusting. I cannot blame him for that. The light and the timing had him a little off at first, he was waking up (and me up) very early in the morning, and he has also been a little on edge since he is now living with a dog he doesn't really know, and no part of our routine is normal. I'm working on that, trying to take more walks etc. Yesterday he broke out in hives ( I never would have imagined) all over his head and face and so there is something, either bugs or something else, that he is having reactions to, and I don't think the stress is helping. When he adjusts, I'll be much better off.
I should head out to apply for more jobs now, that too, will make everything here seem more real and a tad easier. I am lucky to be here and see the beautiful views and do new things, but I really cannot enjoy them without having work! So that is the next task, I'll check in again soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part way there

Hello everyone! I should make this short because I need to get in the shower, but it is so very hard to get out of BED! Last night we made it to Banf, Canada, but it was dark and below freezing and supposed to rain... All of these things would be fine while camping, if we had come with some of the chilly weather basics like firewood and chairs so we could sit near the fire. We were just a little nervous about setting up in the dark rainy cold and also being careful to not be eaten by a bear ;)
So we cracked and got a little motel room for the night, which I will admit felt very wonderful, although we have lucked out with very nice camping grounds along the way. The site in south dakota was nothing too special, it just had an abundance of mosquitos and a gas station with string cheese which I enjoyed. Also, the showers were wonderful! On night two, we were in Billings Montana, and that was so wonderful. The campsite was beautiful, and just as I had been feeling so bad about Finn being in the car for such a long day and not getting any exercise, we pulled up to the site and there was a little fenced in dog area right next to our tent. So we spent the night playing fetch and such which was a wonderful treat. Yesterday we made a long haul but it was great fun! We drove from Billings across the Canadian border (which was very quick and easy) and up to Banf. It got more and more beautiful as we drove, and started to look a lot like Alaska! It was a bit foggy in the distance, but we were surrounded by snow capped mountains, pretty water, different sorts of wildlife, and beautiful forests. I cannot wait to see what we find today as we drive through such a beautiful area! Our game plan, because we've been doing long days, is to get to Dawson's Creek today, then tomorrow to Liard Hot Springs, then Friday to Tok, and to Anchorage on Saturday rather than sunday! That would be nice to get there on sunday and have some help unloading. We'll see! I'm off to shower, but that is the update for now! We have been very lucky so far with the travels, the trailer is pulling easily and everything is staying where it should. The only close call was yesterday as we arrived in Canada when the winds were so high we thought we may blow off the road. Luckily... we did not.
Chat soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off We Go!

I feel overwhelmed starting a post when so much has happend since I last wrote! I always have full intentions to write more often, and I think I will when I get resettled... but for now I just don't know where to begin! It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least... school is done, I have left Cedar Falls, and have been roomless for weeks now! I went to the Derby in the beginning of the month, and that was such a wonderful experience. It was exactly as I would have imagined it, and it felt amazing to be emersed into that world. Such a great sport, and such impressiv animals, it's impossible not to just get wrapped up in it. I have since then essentially been couch surfing, and spent the last 5 days in Des Moines with Rachel, Kate, Sydney and Macy. It was great to finally get to spend some time just doing everyday things with them. We did the zoo, took walks, played outside, played inside, and the 3 of us got to get away for pedicures and dinner dates so I was happy about that. I got a bed at Kate's, which I also felt lucky for! I would say I'm comfortable sleeping almost anywhere, but going on 3 weeks bedless, I'm starting to dream of getting up north and setting up my bed. ahhhh lovely. Yesterday was a tedious one, as I faced my to do list and laundry and packing and just wanted to stare and not do any of it. Once I got started things got rolling, and shockingly, Eric and I almost got everything packed today. We have a few last minute things to pack up tomorrow, and then we are off in the morning! Lets hope the car moves with everything we have weighed it down with...
It is hard to believe that the time to leave has actually come. I have been on an emotional roller coaster all week, as my roomie (yes I will continue to call her that!) Kelsea would tell you. I have been waiting for this for a long time with so much excitement and anticipation, but when the last few days in Iowa come around... it feels like I cannot soak it up enough, and all of the goodbyes seem a bit draining, though not very real. I know it will hit me at some point and I will miss the familiar things, but I'm so excited for the adventure ahead. Hoping the travels go smoothly, especially because we will be traveling with the pup and camping each night. I hope he does alright in the car for so long, I'm happy to have him with us. I hope everyone is well, and when we get to Alaska this time next week, I will be sure to write again!

With love!