Sunday, July 24, 2011

On a Rainy Sunday...

I can't remember the last time we had a cozy, lazy, rainy Sunday.  Ours looked a little like this:
Shower with mommy. Lots of naps to sleep off yesterday's busy fun. Cuddle time on the couch. More naps. Play time filled with yawns. Trip to the grocery store with no crying in the car (maybe it should rain more often?) Laundry everywhere. Cool air. Warm bath. Bed time stories.  More cuddles.  Kisses. Off to bed. Tea for Mama.
Sometimes a lazy Sunday feels good...

Apologies for semi-blurry photos, all taken on the phone.
Hope you had lovely weekends.  I hear there is some wicked heat down there so hopefully our chilliness will head your way for some relief. Maybe we could meet half way. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

This lady is getting a wee bit excited

I have been diving deeper into the world of websites to get lost in... and I am just neck deep in inspiration!  Generally I would say I'm not thrilled to be jumping on the bandwagon and joining all of these new programs online that seem so addictive like instagram, pinterest etc... but they are giving me the inspiration I have been looking for, and providing me with a really fun way to enjoy a little time to myself now and then.  Yet another thing to encourage me to take photos--and I love that!  If you are interested in sharing some of these things with me, find the pinterest button on the right.
What is inspiring you this summer? Leave a comment and share!
My first instagram photo. I'm behind the times. But only because I'm busy staring at this sweet person.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Milk Factory

Breast alert, anyone not interested in talking about them you've come to the wrong place!  I realize not everyone is as comfortable talking details about things as I am, but I do believe in talking about the aspects of motherhood that aren't a walk in the park.  I apologize if anyone is uncomfortable reading about it, but I write about the good the bad and the ugly, and I know that for every issue one of us may have, someone else is out there experiencing it as well, and if you're anything like me, it feels good to find someone else's words that hit close to home.
I've had a really healthy large milk supply from the very start, and after we got the latch issue resolved in the first month, breastfeeding has been going perfectly. I love, love, love nursing Henry.  It has been the most special thing I've ever done, and I know he is equally enthusiastic about it. It's our thing. I enjoy it, I'm proud of it, and I plan to do it for months to come, so imagine my disappointment when I woke up on Monday morning to practically half the milk supply that I'm used to. Where I would usually wake up with two very full boobs, one seemed to have jumped ship and given up... for no apparent reason. It's been a rough few days wondering why this has happened, worrying about if the other would follow suit, dreading the idea that our idea of how breastfeeding would go might radically change. Henry isn't phased by it, he's just as happy with them as ever, but I can feel the huge difference, and I can see it.  I've been drinking Mother's Milk tea, taking an herbal supplement that makes me nearly gag every single time.  It's full of things to increase milk production and is said to be fairly effective, but it tastes like the spiciest herb packed dirt in the world. I hold it under my tongue until it feels like it'll burn off or I'll gag, and then I finally swallow it and try quickly to erase the flavor with something else.  Today I tried something else for the first time--acupuncture.  Another thing that is said to be very effective with lactating mothers.  If you had asked me a couple of years ago to willingly get pricked with dozens of needles I would have just about fallen over.  I would have been more happy to give my boob to a pack of wolves. But there I was today, entirely enthusiastic and ready to jump on a bed with needles being tapped into my skin.  Motherly love, I tell ya.
And I actually really enjoyed it.  It was relaxing, and I really believe it is going to help so we shall see. I feel like it's getting a little better but if lefty really has checked out at this point (so, so sad) then I'll just embrace the one sided feeding gig.  I am definitely 100% committed to exclusively nursing this boy even if that means being uneven. C'est la vie.
Anyone heard enough (more than) about the tatas? I'm done with that now, but for any of you experiencing anything like that, I encourage you to try some of these things!
Here are some recent pictures of life with the ever-growing, extremely fun baby H:
Ridiculously cute in this towel
He woke up with this little tuft on the top of his head
Dog park walk!
The baby and the bearded man

Henry "helps" with the garden
Brimming with spinach, chard, lettuce, kale, arugula, carrots
The peas

The freshest.
Henry likes to hold them. I like to eat them. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where I've Been

I'd like to say I've been off doing something wonderfully fun, but unfortunately, baby H is under the weather. So the past couple of days have involved cuddling, bouncing, rocking, soothing, playing where we can...worrying. 
I was a freaking enormous tad bit of a worrier when it came to illness before, but since I've become a mother I worry so much more. In different ways.  I don't worry about whether or not I'll be sick like I used to, I just worry about him when he's anything but his chipper self. I hate the uncertainty when your baby is sick.  You just want more than anything to take away their pain, and not only can you not take it away, you don't even know where to find it so you randomly guess and hope something works for a bit. Last night was sleepless and heartbreaking, today was a bit better but still full of worry as I looked at Henry trying to play and smile and be himself but unable to find his usual energy and zest. Tonight is off to a better start but who knows what it will bring.  Thankfully my little love is tucked into his bed sleeping peacefully and that is everything I've asked for. Rest and relief for him and I hope that in the morning, I'll be greeted with my favorite, huge, gummy smile.
Hope you're all healthy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just a lovely tidbit

H putting his stamp on the cute outfit I picked. 
He manages to solely nail the good outfits that I like. That's all, have a good weekend! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hold Tight

That's exactly what I'm doing these days. But trying not to hold too tight. Amid all of these changes that Henry is making at what feels like lightening speed, I race along trying to keep up. If I miss a moment, a single photo, practically look away at the wrong time I've missed something new for Henry. That's how quickly he's changing. While I soak up every bit of it and watch in awe while the love just spills out of me for him, I find little bits of me left behind with every stage he moves out of. Let me just say, that I do love change.  In all areas of life. When I don't feel things evolving around me I crave it. But from the moment Henry was born change has become a bittersweet thing for me, and I feel a bit guilty for admitting that. Let me clarify.  I adore every change Henry makes.  I could go on for days on end about all of the things he can do and the things he is learning, the cute faces, the funny moments... but like I've said before it's simply a hard realization that as he breezes through life's stages it is the last time I will see him in that place. We've reached the last time that Henry bunches his legs up under his body like he did when he was inside, and when he was a newborn.  You know, when they sit like little frogs with their tiny tushes sticking straight out as they rest perfectly in your hand. We've passed the stage where we could sit home together all day snuggling, etc. I want to savor every little thing he does and it makes me afraid knowing that, as I'm only human, I won't be able to savor and remember everything. As time goes on entirely too quickly it becomes all too clear that I won't get to spend every minute with him watching.  And you all know my fear of forgetting.  However,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In response to yesterday's news

I just have to share this comment with you all, written by one of my favorite bloggers on Heir to Blair.
She wrote an entry in response to the verdict on the Casey Anthony trial, and though I don't want to get into the trial and details of my views today, this sums up my thoughts on what my heart was feeling yesterday.

"May my little boy view me as someone who knows the answers, who catches him with sure arms when he takes his first leap into the pool, who rocks him to sleep after a hard day.  May he always find comfort in both my arms & heart, knowing that with every fiber in my body, my purpose is to protect him."

 I ran home from work to hold my sweet little Henry, and will continue to do so each and every day so that he knows, like every child should, that his mama loves him and that he can trust me always.