Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In response to yesterday's news

I just have to share this comment with you all, written by one of my favorite bloggers on Heir to Blair.
She wrote an entry in response to the verdict on the Casey Anthony trial, and though I don't want to get into the trial and details of my views today, this sums up my thoughts on what my heart was feeling yesterday.

"May my little boy view me as someone who knows the answers, who catches him with sure arms when he takes his first leap into the pool, who rocks him to sleep after a hard day.  May he always find comfort in both my arms & heart, knowing that with every fiber in my body, my purpose is to protect him."

 I ran home from work to hold my sweet little Henry, and will continue to do so each and every day so that he knows, like every child should, that his mama loves him and that he can trust me always.

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  1. I've been the same way, every single day. The moment I see Harry, I just snap him right up & silently promise that he can trust me. I told Nate last night that every time I look at Harrison, I want to cry for Caylee.


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