Friday, July 22, 2011

This lady is getting a wee bit excited

I have been diving deeper into the world of websites to get lost in... and I am just neck deep in inspiration!  Generally I would say I'm not thrilled to be jumping on the bandwagon and joining all of these new programs online that seem so addictive like instagram, pinterest etc... but they are giving me the inspiration I have been looking for, and providing me with a really fun way to enjoy a little time to myself now and then.  Yet another thing to encourage me to take photos--and I love that!  If you are interested in sharing some of these things with me, find the pinterest button on the right.
What is inspiring you this summer? Leave a comment and share!
My first instagram photo. I'm behind the times. But only because I'm busy staring at this sweet person.


  1. Absolutely precious!

    And yes, please send some chilliness down this way, please....for the love of God, PLEASE!

  2. PINTEREST. I am 100% addicted. if you check it will be too!! Have fun :)

  3. Perhaps I shouldn't encourage you to waste your time away in Internet searches as it can truly consume your day (I'm speaking from experience of course), however I have found a site, or app, that has me utterly obsessed with such endeavors. Stumble upon. Look it up on your iPhone. It let's you input ALL your interests, everything from African Americans, to dance, to quotes, puzzles, weird news, gardening, you name it, and then it searches the entire world wide web for tidbits you may be interested in. I've found so many great crafts, recipes, jokes, pictures, everything on here. HIGH recommendation for constructive boredom.


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