Thursday, June 30, 2011

These are, absolutely, the days.

I'm in love with them. 
The longer we are here in Alaska, building this family of ours, the more I find myself missing and dreaming of the midwest.  Of warm, sticky evenings, retreating to cool water in the peak heat of a sunny day... Yes, this is odd coming from someone who runs very warm and is known for loving cool weather.  But I do miss the midwest, for more reasons than I can count.  I miss the family we have there, my favorite restaurants in Iowa, simply strolling downtown and seeing familiar places.  I want those places to be places that Henry knows.  However, I'm working on being present in the now, and wanting these places I see every day for Henry too.  I don't want to move from here some day and feel like I didn't soak up the beauty of our first home together... every first as a family has been here. And here is wonderful.  Here, the sun shines into the middle of the night, the air smells fresh and cool and clean. The mountains are a backdrop everywhere you go, and there's something unique about it here.  I'm trying to just enjoy my surroundings, while we're them, and pass the love to Henry. We are lucky to live here.
No matter the state though, no matter how many miles I am from where I'd love to be, these are the best days of my life without a question. I have been thinking about these last few months every single day, absolutely in awe of them.  I've been entirely emotional over it all, watching this little person grow.  I've found myself keeping lists of moments I love because I'm so afraid of forgetting, as the changes come entirely too quickly.
I even cried at the Pampers commercial , and show it to everyone who steps in our door just because it reminds me of the path we've come down in the last year.  I'll write it here so that I may look back some day and remember these little moments that stopped me in my tracks and made me fall deeper in love with baby H.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Must Write

I am in bed and enjoying a few minutes of silence. I should be enjoying the silent activity of sleeping but thoughts won't slow themselves in my mind just yet. I must write an actual post soon--I'm so anxious to write but I can't get to the computer to do it. Wishing I had a laptop to write in bed and problem solved... But such is not the case. My iPhone insists on auto"correcting" my words and changing them to something else without my permission:) you all know the beauty of autocorrect, it comes up with the
oddest things. So with that I'll save the rest for a real computer. Just wanted to check in and reconnect with all you friends out there. I hope your weeks are off to a sweet start.
My last few days have had rocky patches and today I was gifted with moments where Henry, sitting on my lap, gazed at me with the most special, wide eyed, loving and beautiful expression. I would have spent the rest of my week in those very moments if it were up to me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a minute to say hello

Itching to write for a bit but ever so frustrated that I can't share photos on this computer currently.  It is my goal this week to get to another computer so I can do so. And when I do, I will write. About the little things, the simple things in the weeks past that may not be much but I don't want to forget because I still hold them close...about how the moments fly by me so quickly I can barely hang on, and about how completely wrapped up in love I am with this little boy.
Hope your weeks are off to a lovely start!
Blurry iPhone photo...H is happy on my knees making eyes at each other after we get home from a long day at work. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has been voting! I went from number 717 when I joined the other day to number 78 today... so thank you! Whenever you think of it, keep the love coming.
Spending the weekend with Eric and Henry, who are sitting next to me giggling at each other over sneezes. Hope you're all having equally fun weekends. What are you/have you been doing?

Friday, June 10, 2011

I am sorry to beg,

But I have to ask anyway. I have recently joined Top Baby Blogs, a network of mama blogs. If any of you enjoy reading this blog, please click here and click on the owl on the left.  This will give my blog a vote on "Top Baby Blogs" where mamas can come find other mamas' blogs!  You can also vote by hitting the button on the right side of the blog. You can vote one time per 24 hours. This is how I find a lot of my favorites, and I would so love to be ranked so more people can find me and we can all share things together here in blog land.   I'm on there now and feel goofy asking but I would very much appreciate your votes! If you don't enjoy reading this, then by all means don't feel pressured to vote. I'm just throwing it out there. :) I'd sure be honored if you clicked it. Thank you friends!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And so it begins

A few weeks ago, I could stomp around the house if I wanted to and carry on conversations using something much louder than my "inside" voice without waking H up. I could set him down while sleeping with ease (while he sleeps, I don't carry him while I sleep) and the little guy would just stay asleep. Being a newborn is exhausting clearly.  Apparently being an almost- not- a- newborn- anymore at a whopping 10 weeks changes things,
I love that sometimes when he sleeps he still makes the same smooshy face he did when he was first born

Did I say Goodbye?

I was just kidding. I thought I wanted to leave this blog, or rather just move it elsewhere, but who knows what I want.  Two days was plenty, and now I've had a change of heart. I blame postpartum hormones for my indecisiveness. Turns out, blogger does hold the tricks I want to add to this blog... and while I liked some of the tumblr aspects for the whole 3 seconds I was part of it, I can't work it so we're back here... just new and improved.  Well hopefully improved, I'm happier with it at least! So take note that the url has changed now to  Other changes,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goodbye to La Fame...

Hello Friends!
I have decided to try a new place for my blog... So this is the end (for now) of La Fame. I'm just ready for something new, but really it's just a new place for the same thing, hopefully I'll be able to add even more when I figure out how on earth tumblr works. I'm not good with web design or really anything computer related. So please, no judging on the slow growth of this new site. I have like .3 seconds to work on it between spit up sessions, feeding babe, diapers blowing out etc. You know how it goes. Tonight H is on Daddy's lap so I have a bit of time to work on the new site, but I have no clue what I'm doing. Anyway, follow me at
and please explore this new blog with me, leave comments and feedback, let me know that you're there if you feel like it.
Goodbye for now!