Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know it's the night before, but I thought I'd wish you all a good one right now. I'm currently enjoying some quiet time watching "In the Womb", with sleeping Lindeen boys scattered about the couch. They must not be interested in this show. As if I am not already surrounded all day long by pregnancy and fetus stories, I am sitting here at 11:30 pm watching twins in the womb. How fascinating though, I just cannot get enough. A very good sign I think, that I'm in a place where I fit. I really love my job, and I love learning so much there. I find it ever so interesting, exciting, etc. We had a woman in today who was in early labor, and if she went into good active labor before 6pm I was going to stay for the birth, and observe/assist in my first one. I was so excited to get the training process started, but unfortunately her progress was a bit slower. Oh well, there will be many more!
Tonight we all went to the dog park around 9 or so... It has been warm the past few days and we haven't had snowfall for almost a week, but tonight it came again... The darkness lessens when there is snow falling and on the ground. It's much lighter and easy to see, and there's almost an orange tint all around. In my eyes at least. We went to the park and for the second time in a row, Finn gave his very best park performance. All the dogs just ran around SO thrilled with the snow, but stayed near and did not hunt any moose. We got a huge workout in, more than any of us had planned. It's hard trudging around in the snow! I should mention also, that I was wearing Eric's boots, and I found them very difficult to lift but for once my feet were hot.
Tomorrow should be a busy day with Thanksgiving preparations, Eric and I are in charge of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. We opted for green bean casserole a la Eric, and sweet potatoes with kale and curry powder a la Victoria. Pies were baked tonight, and everyone will be busy making things to contribute tomorrow. One of our friends from Iowa is living in Fairbanks for a few months, so she is flying down here tonight to spend Thanksgiving with us. I'm waiting up to go pick her up from the airport in a bit. We have a few other friends coming as well, so I'm very excited for that. We're giving ourselves a day of rest afterwards, and some time to switch gears because Saturday we're doing the Lindeen traditional Christmas before their parents Mike and Ruth go back to Iowa. This will include some traditional Swedish dishes that I will not attempt to spell, but I will tell you they are mighty delicious!
I just saw a commercial with photos of the Northern Lights and I'm really excited to see those this winter. So far I have not, but at some point I'll go up a bit higher than our home location so I can get a good look. How amazing that will be, I imagine.
I have some school work to do with a few group members this weekend, but other than that it's a weekend off, hard to believe. It really doesn't feel like it, I feel like I have to get up in the morning and be somewhere tomorrow. I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving dinners if you're celebrating, and everyone have a wonderful long weekend! This is my first Thanksgiving and first holiday with solely in-laws and no Silber/Reese members, so for any of you that may be reading...I love you. I can already tell I miss you this Thanksgiving.

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House Photos

2 posts in one day!! I think this is nearly a first. Dad asked me to share some photos of our house, since we're doing work to it. This was not a good night to do it, because it's dark out so it's difficult to see the outside (though it's plain so you'll get the idea) and also because we haven't cleaned today, it's looking pretty cluttered and such. So this week we'll get photos hung and clean things up. There are boxes laying around now since we are putting up new curtains and rods and such. But here's a taste! I'll share more later this week as we clean up and prepare for Thanksgiving! The festivities are taking place at our house.

This is the outside... David's car on right, mine on left!

This is one corner of the kitchen...

And this is the kitchen while standing in the doorway from the hallway. so garage/door on left, and living room on right. Right behind me in this photo is a bathroom/laundry room... but certainly not anything to see!Living room from the kitchen... looks cluttered cuz of crap on tables, and fruit basket/plant in front of camera but it's not really that crowded!
Here is the other half of living room, with curtain crowding the fireplace. There is our new tv, and the yard to the left!The other half of our living room.

The upstairs will come later. messy.

Further Progress

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I'm currently in my comfy clothes resting at home... I like Tuesdays for that. I don't work or babysit or anything ( I love both those things but I love having a day) I do have class, but I get to rest before between and after. Today I'm not feeling well, so relaxing here with the pups is feeling even better than usual. Last night we hit some milestones with the house! We finished all the painting downstairs, and put up new curtain rods and curtains, rehung our plants, and bought/mounted a tv! I have enjoyed not having a tv for the past 6 months (wow, I just now realized we have lived here for 6 months!) but as it gets colder and darker, we were all getting a little antsy to have a tv to watch movies and things on. We use my computer, but it no longer plays dvd's the poor thing is 6 years old and dying... and it's hard when half the household members want to use internet and half want to watch entertainment online. So it really does feel nice to have a tv. Everyone was up early watching the morning news. I can honestly say now as I sit here all cozy that it's starting to feel like my home. We have a collection of frames now waiting for pictures, so Eric and I are going to work on that tonight. I think that will really help! Having all the plants in here is also really helping. I bought more pots and we got more spider plants, and my personal favorite, a lipstick plant. The leaves of it are really full and luscious and colorful. I really love to look at that.
Today I re-enrolled for my gym membership, so I'm looking forward to getting back into shape, and hopefully soon we'll buy skis and start learning to cross country ski with the pups. You can just head on out of our house and ski all over the streets because the snow just packs down without plowing, so it should be really easy!
It is negative 5 degrees today, so winter is certainly here. It feels pretty good, though I really need a new winter coat. I'm off to finish my tea and head to class... hopefully to come home to a night of relaxation. I may be logging on tonight to show photos of our developments!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Lovely Relaxing Evening

Good morning!
I had the most wonderful night last night, I am so lucky for working where I do with such a wonderful group of women! I honestly love working with everyone of them, and last night we finally got to spend some time together outside of work. It was the annual "spa party" (3 weeks after I start, I came just in time!!) We went to one of the midwives house, which by the way is my dream house. It is up in the neighborhood I love here but could never afford, up in the hillside so it overlooks the ocean as it is on a mountain. Beautiful area and beautiful house. We all brought food to share, and that part was delicious. There was wine, and 2 masseuses downstairs that gave every person a 45 minute massage. It was, by the way, the BEST massage I've ever had. I literally felt 3 inches taller when I was done. We were all given a pottery barn bathrobe which was lovely and soft, and everyone had a great time laughing. We then of course ended up doing emergency birth drills because we had missed them the day before due to a 3 minute birth at the birth center. These drills are for midwives and nurses and birth assistants who could be in the room during a problem. So one of our midwives Laura, tells the scenario and everyone has to role play what they would do. With Claire, our billing person pretending to be the pregnant woman (she played it dramatically and it was great!) and everyone more in spa party mode than work mode it turned out to be quite chaotic and entertaining. I think I'll learn more when I'm at work, but this way was fun too!
I felt very spoiled, especially because Eric David and Ruth were at home grouting the new shower tile. They all looked absolutely exhausted when I got home, so I felt a bit guilty.
Anyway, what a wonderful night! I wish that was more of a monthly event. We discussed other reasons to celebrate, so there will be a Christmas party, and a party in the next month or so (whenever it happens) to celebrate the 500th birth in the birth center.
I'm thrilled it's Friday today, although it doesn't feel like it because I work at AWAIC all day tomorrow. My weekends have been cut short for the past few weeks but it's ok... I can look forward to Sunday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our First Snow Has Arrived!!

For some of you, mainly my sisters, this may seem odd. But I am so thrilled that our first snow is here! 2 days ago, on Sunday, we were walking around Lowes and Christmas things were all around, shovels etc. It was pretty dark outside (still getting used to that) and it just felt like it should be snowing, that would have been the comfy thing. It has been so surprising to all that there is no snow yet and I haven't been thrilled about it. Then that evening as we were having a dog birthday celebration, snow started falling. It was beautiful. It fell lightly, but left us with enough inches that the city looks entirely different now. Winter has arrived! The temperature is still perfect. It's in the 20's and not frigid at all. It feels so cozy to walk out and have there be mostly dark, but snow falling, and christmas lights and street lights all around. I'm excited to see the amount of Christmas lights increase. I thought to myself as I ran evening errands that I like the feeling of it here a bit more with snow. For now at least! It would be better with a good winter coat, but that is on the short list. I'll have to find a good deal on one at some point here.
As I mentioned, we had a dog celebration, as all of the pups have fall birthdays. Allie just turned one last month, Finn turned 2 on the Granzow wedding day, and Beaufort is turning 4. What a feast they had. Bowls of wet food (this is a treat!) with their initials in cream cheese surrounded with treats! Finn is absolutely a snow dog, so every time he steps out he jumps around with excitement. It's great to see. Today I have class all day, but afterwards we are going out for a very long play date with my friend Lily and her dog Monster. The two have a blast together, as do we.
My truck is handling well in the snow, though I'm thinking and have been told that I may need to invest in some studded tires. I have 4 wheel drive, but it is probably not quite enough. I'm not in a huge rush however, most tires can handle a certain amount of snow. There is not much snow pack yet, so I may wait a bit.
I had a fun day at work yesterday, there were three women who came in for their 6 week post partum visits, and since most of them are home with the baby they have to bring the baby to the office! At the 6 week visit they have to get an actual exam, so someone has to hold the babies... in steps Victoria!! I held 2 yesterday, and there was a third who had to sit in his carrier because there were not enough arms. Ah, if only that could be every day at work!
I am up early today on my one day to sleep in, so I can work on school work. But the server is down so I cannot get on to view assignments. So much for that idea! Now it will be back to my regular stressful degree of procrastination.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Already?

Hello everyone! I hope this as always overdue post finds you all well and adjusting to the winter months ok! I have found it so amusing that Iowa got snow before we did in Alaska... Really not all that surprising since Iowa is known for its crazy weather, but still... No one can believe that there is still NO snow here. It's actually quite warm today, no frost or anything. It feels great. I can't believe that it's already November--October just flew by with the absolute JOY of going home to Iowa and Kate's wedding. Things have been very busy up here! I'm trying to stay afloat in school as the second half of the semester flies by. I also have taken a new job, which is an absolute dream of an opportunity. I'm working at a small clinic called Midwifery and Womens Health Care, which is part of Geneva Woods, a grouping of small medical clinics. There are 4 midwives, a nurse, lactation consultant, and then a few of us who do billing, administration, birthing assistants etc. I'm doing administration, and will soon train to do birthing assistant work and maybe learn to draw blood and such! So things are really great on that end, it's a full time position and they are willing to cover my internship if I stay for a minimum of a year-- how perfect could it be? Job security, paid internship, in a setting that I love that will help spring me toward my next stage of schooling. I feel very lucky for having landed this position.
Today is an exciting day for me because I have Ted and our friend Troy over putting a new clutch in my car--which I have not been able to drive for months. It has been quite a juggling act trying to switch cars and borrow cars, and find the right part and everything, but it is happening as we speak!! I simply cannot wait to be in my own vehicle again. Weekends have been full with halloween activities, and home improvement projects. Ruth (Eric's mom for anyone who doesn't know) is up here visiting for about a month, and she is helping us retile our showers. Quite an undertaking, but Eric and David have really been on top of it, and we're about half way done with David's bathroom. Then on to ours... That is pretty much what is going on around here, everyone just trying to balance everything and get things done!
I have had a very large desire lately to get out of Anchorage and spend a little bit of time in other towns in Alaska. Sometimes the drives are the best part, and you only have to get about 15 minutes out of Anchorage and it just feels entirely different. Everything else makes you feel so much more remote, and it is just beautiful in every direction. I am hoping we can all take a little day trip to Palmer to walk around and go to the coffee shop there one of these weekend days. With all of the tiling I'm not sure how much time we'll find ourselves with, but now that I'll have my car back I can buzz there anytime I want to! I think that would feel wonderful. I'd rather do it in the company of Eric, but I like the idea of having my car and therefore the freedom to go any time I feel the need to get away from the normal routine.
I have also started babysitting for a family, about one day a week just to help out and get a little kid fix. An 11 year old named Andy, and a 3 year old named Jessica. They are both very entertaining and energetic children, and their mom Karen has really tried to make me part of the family which I have greatly appreciated. It feels nice to connect to people in so many different ways and babysitting is one of those that is a great feeling.
I was sitting in class the other day, and reading old love letters of former presidents and musicians, other well known figures. There were letters from Bethooven, and Mozart, and Reagan, and John Adams, Victor Hugo, Catherine the Great etc... They were so enjoyable, even after class I couldn't stop reading. I think it is the way they wrote back then that I love so much, though it was also sweet to see how they just spilled their every thought, and though only writing a letter, they were so poetic in the way they did. I want to share one that I really enjoyed. It is a letter written by Abigail Adams to John Adams. Eric, Jonathan and I watched a lot of the series about John Adams back in Iowa, and I felt close to them again through the letter. Written December 23, 1782
My Dearest Friend,

...should I draw you the picture of my heart it would be what I hope you would still love though it contained nothing new. The early possession you obtained there, and the absolute power you have obtained over it, leaves not the smallest space unoccupied.

I look back to the early days of our acquaintance and friendship as to the days of love and innocence, and, with an indescribable pleasure, I have seen near a score of years roll over our heads with an affection heightened and improved by time, nor have the dreary years of absence in the smallest degree effaced from my mind the image of the dear untitled man to whom I gave my heart.

I can't explain all the ways I love this letter, but I find I have many thoughts in common with her in these past few months, and it makes me feel good to read it.

I just skyped with my friend Whitney, who is currently studying in France and I miss very much. It was SO great to see her and actually hear her voice, at it has been way too long since we have been able to.

I'm off to shower and grab something to eat, so until next time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

I've Done It Again!

Wooops! I have again gone for weeks (months??) without updating the blog. There have been moments where I've thought of how good it would feel to sign on and update it, but then I get tired or sidetracked and it just doesn't happen. Luckily, I don't really have that much to fill people in on. We have had some pretty laid back weeks recently. A few weeks back we enjoyed a great night camping at Eklutna, which is the lake where Ted and Bekah got married. Bright yellow trees just covered the mountains, and the water is a turquoise of sorts... very beautiful lake, and the cool weather was fabulous! It still feels like fall, which is a bit surprising! For about two days we had some snow falling over the tips of the mountains which was just too beautiful. I love driving while it is sunny and cool and the leaves are beautiful and in the distance there are snow capped mountains. But as the temperatures warmed up again and rain came, the snow disappeared. I am excited about this because that just means the whole effect is going to come again! As it snows in Iowa (ha!) the sun shines on the dry ground here... but I'm ready for the snow to come any time it would like. I need to invest in a new winter coat and some decent boots before that happens, but all in good time.
We have finally started making some changes to the house! We had a weekend full of painting, though now it has turned out to be multiple unfinished jobs. Fear not, we will get it done. This is what I keep telling myself. We painted the living room a mocha/tan color which looks really beautiful! If we could just get the hideous curtain rod down, we could paint that wall and finish the room. Then we painted the kitchen an apple green color which was so bright it was hard to get used to, but we all like it very much--color is what we were going for! Under the breakfast bar is a red color, which adds a fun pop to the tan living room, and then makes the green not look so bright if you look at it from that direction. I will post pictures when we finish and get the living room back together, as it is currently all piled up in the middle of the floor.
The most exciting thing to me right now, is that I get to go home next week!!!!! The time has finally come near, Kate's wedding. It is absolutely hard to believe, and I feel a bit detached from the details so I'm not sure what to expect, but I know I cannot wait to get back. I leave one week from tomorrow, at 1 in the morning for a 17 hour day of traveling. But when I get there I get to visit with the sisters and nieces, and then my old roommate Kelsea is driving from Cedar Falls to Des Moines on Thursday so we can spend some time together. She is going to spend the night Thursday, and then Friday I pick up Eric and all of the wedding festivities begin! For all of you family reading, I cannot wait to see you! This past month has really put me in a place where I just cannot wait to see family and more familiar faces. Plus I love weddings and opportunities to dress up and dance.
Today I'm supposed to be busy putting laundry away and writing my speech that I have to give tomorrow... that was the goal I set for myself when I woke up, but so far I have just wandered about. I'm currently at a coffee shop, and no speech has been written. But I'll get to it :) For now, it's off to eat some lunch, then meet with a woman who's children I may potentially babysit. I'm in the process of making some changes as far as work goes, and all of this while I try to figure out where I'm going with my internship second semester. So some babysitting here and there could really help my funds situation, let's hope it works out smoothly.
Hope you're all happy and smiling, and enjoying whatever weather you're having...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

They Have Arrived!

I am a happy lady as I write that Tiffany and John are here in our very own house. It feels great to have them here, though we have not lucked out as far as weather goes. It is to be expected, but we're really hoping for some sunshine soon. Last weekend before their arrival, we were all able to make it to Seward for a full weekend of relaxing fireside, and hiking up a mountain that follows along side Exit Glacier. It was the most spectacular environment, I love Seward, and this hike was gorgeous. There was not enough time in the day to enjoy everything around us on the hike, especially while listening to the sound of my own panting as I huffed and puffed up the massive mountain. We were right next to the blue glacier the entire time, and we could feel the cool air blowing on us, we were able to pick salmon berries on the way up and it was all around wonderful. Sadly on the hike down, Dave and Eric got attacked by a swarm of bees while I followed right behind and somehow went untouched. I felt lucky for having no stings but it was sad to see Eric's huge ankle for the following days. We are going to take Tiffany and John to Seward for what will hopefully be a similar weekend next week before they head home. We are going to do the wildlife tour that I mentioned earlier, and maybe we'll repeat the hike but we will see what we have time for! We're going to do the wildlife conservation center on the way or the way back and I'm really looking forward to that as I have not been there yet. Stories and pictures will follow. Since Tiff and John have been here we have been hanging around Anchorage, biked Eklutna which resulted in a few stressful hours of trying to keep the dogs under control as they pulled our bikes. Towards the beginning I faceplanted over the handlebars of my bike which luckily turned out to be highly entertaining. For me at least and I'm pretty sure Tiffany found it pretty funny as she approached me lying in the dirt face down. The weather has been cloudy for the most part and raining off and on, but the sun peeked out on us for a bit today which felt wonderful. We enjoyed the sunshine downtown going shop to shop as there are many interesting places here. We are going to go to Palmer this weekend, hopefully to the State Fair as well as the Musk Ox farm that we visited on our visit last summer, and we're going to perhaps hike Hatcher Pass where Eric spent some time with work learning the different grasses. We're going to have a picnic there, and tomorrow we'll be starting the weekend by hiking powerline with our friend Brian. This is one of the best spots to find the moose rutting, and I think everyone is really looking forward to seeing that! Tomorrow night we might go to Humpy's a favorite casual restaurant, and if the weather cooperates we might grill out at Brian's this weekend up in the hills. His house is one of my favorite places to go because it is so wonderfully beautiful, so I hope that works out. I believe those are the most recent updates, we are all happy and well right now... Eric went on his first work trip and returned this evening, he went to a little village called Pilot Point with his boss... They walked and did work to find if the land was a wetland where the engineers plan to build. He said it was a great experience and seemed to have enjoyed it so I'm glad for that, and glad he is back :) I forgot one update, and that is that I officially started my last semester of classes this week. It felt so odd to be going back to school, and I felt just confused and detached because I have not been in the school state of mind for a bit now. I have been so focused on work that I almost just forgot. I felt like I was just starting all over again since I didn't know where I was going or who I would see, and overall it has not been all that enjoyable but it's fine. I will say that my sign language class is wonderful and exciting and will most certainly be a great and meaningful experience for me. I hope I can continue to learn more after the course ends. I am anxious to see how my schedule turns out with class and both jobs, but for now I have some work to do in solidifying my schedule, I need to change some classes around. I realize I have written for ages now, and you're probably hoping this will end but if you're still reading-- thank you for hanging in there with me! I can't seem to find a balance, I either don't write or I write too much! Until next time!
As John would say,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to AK

It was hard for me last time I wrote to not talk about my surprise trip home, but it was exactly that- a surprise. Well for Kate at least. Everyone else knew I was coming, and it was a wonderful trip indeed. It was fun to get to Kate's bridal shower, Macy's first birthday party, and spend some time with family and friends. My friends are rarely in the same state these days, so the fact that everyone was around and I got to see them multiple times was so wonderful. I'm still missing everyone, but it felt good to get back to Anchorage at the same time. I had a few hours off for sleep after a wonderful homecoming, and then off to work at the new job the next morning! I have been LOVING it. Finally a place that is as fast paced as I tend to be, it's crazy there and there are always 32948 things going on at once and while it could be overwhelming (and seems to be) it's still nice to not be bored at work. I really love it.

I'm getting a tad nervous about the fact that I'm still training with this job, working at Hope, starting school on Monday, and all I want to do is have a good trip with my friends Tiff and John who also come Monday! I know everything will work out, I just don't want too much going on because we have some very fun things planned. But such is life, and I know it will work out just fine. It feels odd to be heading back to school. I don't feel like I'm in school anymore, though I'm not expecting a very hard semester although I need to do some additional online classes, and that will probably be a challenge. Finding the motivation at least. That is all that I'm up to at this time, this weekend we are going to Seward with friends and I'm thrilled because I love Seward and haven't been since last summer. We are going to camp and hike exit glacier. (I think that's what it's called?) Have not hiked for a while so I'm sure we'll be huffing and puffing but that's ok. Hopefully next weekend we'll get to Seward again with Tiff and John, and maybe take some kayaks out as well as take the wildlife tour (Kenai Fjords tours) which we did last summer and had a great time. Basics of life right now are that it's extremely busy, but what else is new. I'm always busy, but always on my toes, just the way I like it...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer is flying by

Happy Sunday to all!
Once again, a fairly uneventful few weeks with not much to report, but I wanted to check in anyway. Days have been spent at work for all of us recently, Eric is really enjoying his job at Bristol thus far. I'm loving Hope, but I decided to go down a different Avenue when it comes to the gym. I will no longer be working there in a few weeks, but have taken a job at another agency in my field. I am SO excited about the opportunities that it will bring, and I know I made the right choice. I cannot wait to be involved here. It is crazy how time is flying, I'm taking a trip next week and when I come back Tiffany and John will be here in 10 days. I also start classes then, which will through a big curve in the steadying schedule. Such is life. The days are getting noticeably shorter up here, there is still a ton of day light but it changes so quickly. A few weeks ago it was still dusky at 2 in the morning. Last night I was awake in bed at midnight, and it was actually dark when I went to sleep. Really an enormous change in just a few short weeks! I had a dream last night that I came home from across the street, and Denny and Mom were sitting in our living room eating. They had decided to come visit, and to Mom and Den- I think you should take my dreams advice! They were also holding Rachel's baby (but it wasn't Macy so this must have been a bit down the road) and Rach, it was wearing a flannel shirt! HA! Just your style. (I, personally, love flannel) Anyway, today I will be running some errands, getting Finn out for some exercise and play, and that is about all I have on the agenda. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Much love,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's been a while!

Hello everyone!
I am ashamed that it has been so long since I have written. Certainly not intentional and though maybe no one else cares, I've missed writing so I'm glad to be back! I do not have a whole lot to report, because really things have not been all that eventful here. I mean in a way they have, there have been changes and learning curves and busy days, but nothing thrilling to report on. I'm now working at Hope, and I really enjoy it although it has been difficult to learn all of the paperwork and the computer work, and even the time cards-- which sadly still remain the most difficult part of my job. Who would think!? Along with Hope, I'm working as a Fitness Instructor at the Alaska Club for Women. There are a ton of Alaska Clubs all over the city and state, I can use all of them but I'm working at the womens only club. I'm still training, and it's certainly not the most fast paced job but that's ok. I'm hoping to enjoy it. I've slowly been meeting people, one girl I work with at Hope and I have been spending a lot of time together so I am thankful for that! Eric is still working at REI a few days a week and he enjoys it, but the exciting part is that he starts his environmental scientist position at Bristol on Monday! I think he is a little nervous but also very excited, and we're all excited for him of course. His mom Ruth is here visiting, and this is the 3rd week, she'll be leaving on Sunday. It has felt really nice to have her here, both because it's nice to have another woman around and also because it feels good to have a parent like figure and a little piece of home up here. We have been doing some home projects which is great, it makes me very happy but also just increases the ideas in my head that I want to get done! We have planted some flowers in baskets, gotten some new appliences, done some cleaning and painted the deck. We found a gallon of wood stain in the sale section of Lowes and we thought it would be the thin stain that just sucks into the wood but we started painting and nope! It is a solid stain so more like paint--and it just happens to be practically tangerine colored. We thought maybe it would dry darker but it really didn't! So we have a tangerine deck but we're going to work with it for a while and just be the odd ones on the block :) Once we plant some flowers in the yard and get paint inside-- we'll be good to go. We're also working on getting a table and hopefully before too long a tv! Sidetables and lamps for the bedroom are also on the short list, I hate not having one...
Other than that I really do not have much to say sadly! It has been extremely hot for here this week-- about 80 degrees which are record high temperatures. It's amazing how little time it takes to get used to the cooler temps so even when it's 70 I'm sweating! Very odd. I like it cool much better but I'll admit I'm looking forward to the heat so I can wear some summer clothes! It's also weird to hear the weather report on the radio because they say "81 degrees and smoke" There are fires in Fairbanks, and even some places in Anchorage so there is a large haze covering the mountains. I think it is supposed to clear up in the next few days with any luck,I miss the blue clear sky! Wyeth has been working very hard the past few weeks to quickly save up money for a plane ticket, so she will be here in like 2 weeks! I absolutely cannot wait, I am SO excited to have some visitors here, and Wyo is quite excited too. It will be a great time, and then in August Tiff and John come!!! It sucks that I'll be starting school the same day they come, but we'll have lots of time to hang out and they will get the chance to do some things together as well. We're all really excited. Today I came home from work so exhausted I actually fell onto the couch and crashed which is odd for me. I haven't really napped since I've been here, which is pretty usual for me, I'm not much of a napper. But today I fell asleep and the guys took the dogs to the park where Finn decided to run after a mother moose and her little twin babies. The moose don't really like it when he does that and luckily I wasn't there because it freaks me out, they always try to trample him and he takes a while before getting the hint. He is just too friendly! The 4th of July was a fun day for us, I hope you all had a great one as well. We all biked together downtown on the coastal trail which is right near our house and can take you anywhere in the city practically, and we watched the parade and walked around the Saturday market which I love. Then we biked back and later at night David, Eric, Ted and I biked back and met our friend Brian to watch the fireworks. It was an odd experience, they did not start until about 12:40 in the morning, and it still wasn't dark. It was kind of twilight-ish, and so the fireworks were not wildly impressive but still a fun experience of course. I like the night biking better. Ok now really that is all I have to say, but I miss everyone and will write again much sooner! Stay tuned :) And let me know what you're all up to if we haven't talked much! I have a few pictures to add but I will wait until the internet connection is not so slow.
Be happy,

Monday, June 15, 2009


Iforgot to show recent photos, so here are a few! There will be more on facebook, and picasa web albums too!

Eventful Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!
I had a wonderful and very eventful weekend to launch me into a very long week of orientation. It feels funny to be going to work again, I must admit. Which is strange for me to be saying since it was something I was SO accustomed to, working all of the time. Even though I am in 8 hours of training in a classroom setting for 2 weeks it still feels good to be doing something again, and getting paid as well. I'm very much looking forward to learning more about my job, and finishing the training so I can go experience the real work.
Back to the weekend however... Friday we all went over to Beth and Josh's house, they just moved earlier in the day and already had things set up and had us over for a bbq. We ate delicious food, played ping pong in their yard, harvested so much rhubarb and had a great time. Saturday rolled around and Bekah and I chopped the rhubarb and then when Eric got home Eric, David, Ted and I went over to meet Josh and the 5 of us went rafting on the Eagle River. It is only about 15 minutes away from our house which is a crazy fact for all of us to realize. It feels so weird to head out and 15 minutes later be somewhere so wild and lovely where activities like that can take place. We had no idea we'd be gone for so long but we were "floating" from about 4:30 to 9... The start was slow. We essentially had to push and scoot our raft to get it moving in the shallow water, but it soon picked up and we had a very easy slow float for a good 2 hours. We hit some class 2 rapids for a while, though no where near long enough. Those are easy to get through, just some fun movement under the raft. I could have gone on like that a lot longer! Well it came time for the rougher waters to hit, in the book about the white waters in the area it said class 3+ rapids, and you have to get out and go scout the waters before you hit that section. It would be too dangerous if you didn't know what your action plan was, where exactly you wanted to aim etc. because the waters were to quick and rough to just luck out. So we got out and spent about 30 minutes scouting this section of water, Josh was not sure if we should go because he said there was a good chance one of us would be hitting the water and swimming back. No worries, because it would be a pretty quick swim as this was near the end, but also a VERY cold swim. He was the only one in a dry suit, though the rest of us were prepared enough we would have been ok. Anyway the trouble was that there was a huge log blocking the middle, and big rocks scattered about, so we had to decide how to get around the drops and such since we definitely didn't want to hit those, and decide whether we were going to try to go right or left of the log. Both were tricky because right was a little rougher, but left would have taken a LOT of work to get over there. Well we decided to go right, and luckily Josh was a guide a few years ago so he got back into that role and shouted commands and we made it. He said if we messed up we were outa there but it turned out very smoothly and it was very fun, and gave us all quite the rush. It felt good to get out of the water however, put dry clothes on, and head home for a very late dinner. Bekah and Beth had cooked dinner and made pie from our earlier work, and we had no clue we would be so late. Needless to say it felt good to have some food in our stomachs. Yesterday was also eventful. Eric went to work at REI and David and I had a very lazy start to the day, but when we all got back together we went for a little hike with Brian and the dogs. We went up to the air strip that is near Brian's house, and my gosh it was beautiful. It was an entirely different scene from the hikes we've been doing. It wasn't wide open at all, it looked like rainforest. So much bright green all around, wild flowers etc. We were walking along the trail and all of the sudden Brian comes to a hault... We looked through the trees and about 30 feet away from us was a healthy black bear looking at us. We grabbed the dogs (none of them noticed her which is a tad nerveracking! and surprising!) and we yelled for her to go. But she didn't seem to mind us, she just looked. So we just went on by and hiked up to the air strip on the peak. It was sunny and beautiful and we were sitting there resting when over our heads comes a little private plane busting off the strip. Scared us off our buts and then he came back around and waved. We walked back down and on our way we saw the bear again (this time she was at the bottom so we were no where near her) and we saw two little cubs tumbling after her. Of course, it was the ONE day neither Brian or I brought our cameras. Just our luck, and SO disappointing. When we got down to where they had been all the dogs smelled them and had a fun time searching around, and Finn so kindly came back up the hill with fresh bear poop smeared on his neck and head. He had taken a secret roll, so he got the hose down back at Brians. That was about it, we came home, went to bed early, and everyone went off to work this morning for the first time since we've been here. I hope I have not chatted everyone's eyes, off, but it was a very eventful weekend! We didn't catch photos of the two things I really wanted to, the rougher waters we went through, and the bears. Oh well, there will be more opportunities I hope. What I would give to see those cubbies up close...

That's all for now, we're off to my favorite dog park, and then some errands and relaxation. Ted and Eric are heading out late tonight to the Russian River a couple of hours away, to go fishing at the crack of dawn. Hopefully when they come back tomorrow afternoon they'll have some salmon for us :) Wish I could go.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am so thrilled to report that I finally have a job! I had an interview this morning and got a call about an hour later offering me the position. So beginning next week I will be a behavioral/mental health associate at Hope Community Resources. For anyone who wants to know more about the agency, take a look at this link! That should take you directly to the job openings, so you can see what the job description is. Anyway, that is the exciting news of the day! Eric got a job today at REI so we are very happy!
Bekah and I both have colds so that has put a tiny damper on the last few days, but that's ok. Tonight will be for lounging and relaxing, and we're looking forward to taking the next few days to have fun and relax without having to job search. Then next week finally our time being put to good use! We have really been feeling antsy so that should be a great change. The bank accounts will thank us too :) Lets see, Sunday we all went out hiking again, we did the same area as last time-- Bear Valley, although this time we made it much further. It ended up being about a 5 hour hike total, the dogs made it the whole way as well and it was hard work but a lot of fun. My butt has never burned so badly! Hopefully that means it's just getting back in shape! It was the warmest day of the summer so far, and we lounged at one of the peaks for a while about 3700 feet up, while Ted and David went a bit further. During the hike we all got sunburned, which wasn't ideal but it felt great to be getting that kind of sunlight at 5pm! I love the light here in the summer, I'm anxious to see how I'll like the dark in the winter. For the most part, most days, I feel really energized by the sunlight. I don't get tired early, and I wake up with energy. I love going to bed and seeing that it is still not dark, I don't know why but for some reason I think it's very beautiful and cozy. I don't have much else to report at the moment, the days have been filled with much of the same, job searching, outside, lounge, etc... but now that will change, luckily :)
Until next time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still Settling

I'm sorry I have been fairly inconsistent with the blogging, I really do need to get better, and I will. We are still working on getting settled in the new house, though things are definitely progressing. We have filled the kitchen a bit more which I think makes a very big difference--we are not where we want to be with it, but time and jobs/money will get us there at some point. Other than that not much has really changed around the house, we have so many things we want to add and do to improve the personal feel but right now is not the right time for us. Everyone went to Homer, AK for a long weekend to camp on the beach and see a Greg Brown concert, but Eric and I decided that in our current situation, we should not be going on vacation. So we spent the weekend here in Anchorage with Finn and Allie, doing a little exploring and a lot of relaxing and job searching. We went to the dog park daily, and wandered downtown a bit exploring some of the many great art galleries and coffee shops. On Saturday we went to the Saturday market downtown, looked at booths and daydreamed about things we would love to have--mostly artwork and handmade organic soap in so many fabulous scents. We spent a LOT of time watching movies since they were free and relaxing. We were both feeling a little frustrated about not having any good job leads despite our best efforts in the past week looking. Sunday we went hiking-- we did the Bear Valley hike with a friend Brian, and he says usually you can see bears down in the valley but we did not see any. We did however, encounter some very strong winds! Not the same, but it made the hike eventful! Probably the windiest I have experienced in a long time, and it was an odd sensation being blown like that while you are standing on the peak of a mountain. The dogs had so much fun, and it was wonderful to see them out exploring something so new and enjoying it so much. They loved all of the smells, the patches of snow here and there, and all of the open spaces for running and playing. It was wonderful. When another week began so did the job searching. We are still looking, applying, interviewing hoping the right thing comes along. The job offer I did get does not feel like a job I could handle doing for however long, so though it felt weird to turn down a job with full time hours, I did because I know I can do better. I am waiting to hear from some places that I am very interested in, but you all know how the waiting game goes. Eric also had a good interview and has some good leads but we are still not there quite yet. Last night was a lot of fun because we got to try a different dog park-- less mosquitos, and more fun walking for the humans! The one we usually go to is a long stretch with trees and a lake, but this one was who knows how much area of wood, with winding trails, bright green, and multiple bodies of water to swim in. Every corner you turn there is something else fun to do or see.
Eric and I took his niece Annika to the zoo today, and I must say we laughed because every animal at the zoo here, other than polar bears, is something you could find right outside. I understand why of course... obviously there aren't going to be camels and girrafes trying to live in a zoo up in Alaska, but it was still a weird realization that we could see each animal outside. It was still very fun to look at them all, and the setup of the zoo was really fun. Also windy trails and lots of trees. We saw wolves, polar bears (I forgot how huge they are!) fox, moose, wolverines, eagles/hawks/ravens, etc. After that I decided it was time that Finn and I both got some exercise so I took him for his first bike ride a bit ago. I didn't get much exercise because he was just learning and I was nervous he would knock me off the bike. He was a little afraid to get near it at first but we got the flow down so I think with some daily practice he and I could be in for some good rides! He really enjoyed it at the end and was well exercised so that is what counts. I hope you are well, I think that is all I have to report for now! I'll write again in a few days, my goal is every 3 days or whenever something noteworthy happens, I did not mean to go so long without a post.
Lots of love!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Since we have been here

It is our 4th full day in Anchorage now, and so far things are going as well as they can when you move with nothing. We rolled in Friday evening and surprised everyone which was fun, and because it was memorial day weekend we all had a lot of time to spend together. We have spent evenings in the yard with a fire pit, done some walking and dog parking, job looking etc. It has been mostly relaxing activities that still somehow manage to be a bit exhausting but I think that is what must come with a large move. We have the closet and the bathroom set up, and we are all working together on getting the kitchen stocked. There is much to be done to make the place feel cozy and homey, but we love it in the house already. I cannot wait to get some side tables and a desk so there is somewhere to put the stuff that neither goes in the closet or in the bathroom. Doing school work and such does not work well in either of those areas. The hardest thing for me since moving here (not that we have been here for that long) has been Finn's adjustment. He was so good for the majority of the trip, and the last few days I think it started to wear on him... like he was under the impression that we would never be anywhere else other than the car. I thought when we got to the house everything would bounce back but he has been slowly adjusting. I cannot blame him for that. The light and the timing had him a little off at first, he was waking up (and me up) very early in the morning, and he has also been a little on edge since he is now living with a dog he doesn't really know, and no part of our routine is normal. I'm working on that, trying to take more walks etc. Yesterday he broke out in hives ( I never would have imagined) all over his head and face and so there is something, either bugs or something else, that he is having reactions to, and I don't think the stress is helping. When he adjusts, I'll be much better off.
I should head out to apply for more jobs now, that too, will make everything here seem more real and a tad easier. I am lucky to be here and see the beautiful views and do new things, but I really cannot enjoy them without having work! So that is the next task, I'll check in again soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part way there

Hello everyone! I should make this short because I need to get in the shower, but it is so very hard to get out of BED! Last night we made it to Banf, Canada, but it was dark and below freezing and supposed to rain... All of these things would be fine while camping, if we had come with some of the chilly weather basics like firewood and chairs so we could sit near the fire. We were just a little nervous about setting up in the dark rainy cold and also being careful to not be eaten by a bear ;)
So we cracked and got a little motel room for the night, which I will admit felt very wonderful, although we have lucked out with very nice camping grounds along the way. The site in south dakota was nothing too special, it just had an abundance of mosquitos and a gas station with string cheese which I enjoyed. Also, the showers were wonderful! On night two, we were in Billings Montana, and that was so wonderful. The campsite was beautiful, and just as I had been feeling so bad about Finn being in the car for such a long day and not getting any exercise, we pulled up to the site and there was a little fenced in dog area right next to our tent. So we spent the night playing fetch and such which was a wonderful treat. Yesterday we made a long haul but it was great fun! We drove from Billings across the Canadian border (which was very quick and easy) and up to Banf. It got more and more beautiful as we drove, and started to look a lot like Alaska! It was a bit foggy in the distance, but we were surrounded by snow capped mountains, pretty water, different sorts of wildlife, and beautiful forests. I cannot wait to see what we find today as we drive through such a beautiful area! Our game plan, because we've been doing long days, is to get to Dawson's Creek today, then tomorrow to Liard Hot Springs, then Friday to Tok, and to Anchorage on Saturday rather than sunday! That would be nice to get there on sunday and have some help unloading. We'll see! I'm off to shower, but that is the update for now! We have been very lucky so far with the travels, the trailer is pulling easily and everything is staying where it should. The only close call was yesterday as we arrived in Canada when the winds were so high we thought we may blow off the road. Luckily... we did not.
Chat soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off We Go!

I feel overwhelmed starting a post when so much has happend since I last wrote! I always have full intentions to write more often, and I think I will when I get resettled... but for now I just don't know where to begin! It's been an interesting few weeks to say the least... school is done, I have left Cedar Falls, and have been roomless for weeks now! I went to the Derby in the beginning of the month, and that was such a wonderful experience. It was exactly as I would have imagined it, and it felt amazing to be emersed into that world. Such a great sport, and such impressiv animals, it's impossible not to just get wrapped up in it. I have since then essentially been couch surfing, and spent the last 5 days in Des Moines with Rachel, Kate, Sydney and Macy. It was great to finally get to spend some time just doing everyday things with them. We did the zoo, took walks, played outside, played inside, and the 3 of us got to get away for pedicures and dinner dates so I was happy about that. I got a bed at Kate's, which I also felt lucky for! I would say I'm comfortable sleeping almost anywhere, but going on 3 weeks bedless, I'm starting to dream of getting up north and setting up my bed. ahhhh lovely. Yesterday was a tedious one, as I faced my to do list and laundry and packing and just wanted to stare and not do any of it. Once I got started things got rolling, and shockingly, Eric and I almost got everything packed today. We have a few last minute things to pack up tomorrow, and then we are off in the morning! Lets hope the car moves with everything we have weighed it down with...
It is hard to believe that the time to leave has actually come. I have been on an emotional roller coaster all week, as my roomie (yes I will continue to call her that!) Kelsea would tell you. I have been waiting for this for a long time with so much excitement and anticipation, but when the last few days in Iowa come around... it feels like I cannot soak it up enough, and all of the goodbyes seem a bit draining, though not very real. I know it will hit me at some point and I will miss the familiar things, but I'm so excited for the adventure ahead. Hoping the travels go smoothly, especially because we will be traveling with the pup and camping each night. I hope he does alright in the car for so long, I'm happy to have him with us. I hope everyone is well, and when we get to Alaska this time next week, I will be sure to write again!

With love!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye Nest

It is hard to believe that I have moved out of my apartment... for the most part at least. Time has gone as quickly as I hoped that it would. It's so weird to see our apartment looking more bare, but we can finally see all the space we have been missing! We can actually see large amounts of carpet, and my room is no longer cluttered with all of my stuff, but rather little piles of papers and random odds and ends here and there. Today's project will be getting those things cleared out, vacuuming the floor, and packing up the kitchen. Come Thursday, I'm completely out and off to the Kentucky Derby!! Then back to Cedar Falls for a couple of finals, then to Iowa City for a few days, then a week in Des Moines and we are off. The time should fly since it is so planned out. Generally I don't like my days so planned, but all of these things excite me very much, and bring us closer to Alaska so I'm just fine with it. I have been trying to really soak up and enjoy my moments here, and although it is hard to do in the middle of final classes and project/paper writing, I think it's very important right now. I will miss Iowa and everyone here so I really want to absorb the last few weeks. It has been fun to watch Finn in the apartment that is now much more empty... all kinds of room to roll around in, I think he likes the space.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Spring to you all!

I've been slacking, so I wanted to come back and say a quick hello! It's been an interesting and fun few weeks, filled with trips to NYC, more mono drag, and the normal school routine. I went for a long weekend to visit my friends Tiffany and John in NYC-- which was, of course, a blast. We spent a lot of time wandering around, eating delicious food, and we also stopped at a museum and had a personal concert from John at the met. Molly was able to come from school near Boston to visit and spend a couple of days with us, so I was one happy lady!! Sadly it had to come to an end, and I had to get back to the real world of classes and such. I feel wonderful however, because I found out that Molly and I will see each other in Iowa for a few days before I take off, and Tiffany and John officially booked their trip to visit us in Anchorage this fall! So very exciting to know that I officially have my first visitors--I better figure my way around by the time they come! I came home from NY with Pink Eye, probably due to the mono, but no big deal... I'm much better! I have two weeks now until I move out of my apartment, and have done nothing to prepare. I will try to start that tomorrow I think. 4 weeks until take off, we have decided to stay an extra 5 days (until the 17th) so we can see Eric's brother, Jonathan, graduate from business school. Today his family and I did the Walk for Dignity, which is Iowa City Hospice's main fundraising event, and my mom was organizing it. We got to bring all of our dogs along and take a 3 mile hike around town which was great fun, and for a good cause--overall a huge success. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the spring weather that we've been having! Today is a bit cooler here, but overall I can tell spring is coming. Chat soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's becoming real

And the countdown is... 6 WEEKS until we take off for Alaska! If you had asked me a few months ago I would have said that I truly believed that time would just creep on... but it has absolutely flown by. It's great in the sense that I am so excited for Alaska, and that it has been wonderful for the semester of classes to go by quickly, but now I'm thinking woa there... there is much to be done. I do not want the time to slow at all, rather, I think that I need to slow down a bit. I have 6 weeks to enjoy my favorite Iowa places, people, feelings, sights, and yet I have trouble slowing my thoughts and days. The fact that we are moving so soon is becoming extremely real, as we now have a house lined up to live in, and it is time to start packing things up from my apartment, deciding what we will/can bring, and what will stay. It is such exciting stuff to think about, but at the same time a tid stressful because the reality of it is that we will not have much. It's so fun to think of the home just coming together and looking exactly how I like to imagine it, but obviously that process will take what may feel like ages to come together. With the finances of a college student being what they are, it could take a few ages.
But I will keep my thoughts where I like them and think of all the lovely colors the walls could be, what art would look good where, and how happy I will feel to have these new surroundings, a large yard to watch Finn explore in, and fabulous people to share it with. I'm starting to mentally prepare for all of the changes, but think it would probably be best if I stay focused for a few more weeks on school, as there is much to be finished, and who am I trying to kid, much to be started too :) Anyway, just a little peak into my current flood of thoughts. I officially have a new address as of May, so if any of you would like it, I have it to give, just let me know!
Until next time

Monday, March 23, 2009

One more tidbit on that note...

I was just laughing as I looked through my previous posts to the one where I wrote about the stiff neck and headache... I KNEW something was wrong that morning, now I'm not a hypochondriac like that post suggests... though I'm sure you'll all argue that for fun eh? it just took a while to figure out the issue :) Whew!!

I'm Back... kind of

Hello to all! It's been a big few weeks which would explain my absence on here... I don't even know if anyone has been looking, but if you have, I'm back! For the most part. I'm kind of here, kind of in some other place, who really knows. The past few weeks have certainly been interesting. Two weeks ago I woke up feeling quite crummy, to the point where I wanted to go to the doctor the next day for some relief. He drew blood, tested me for mono and decided that I just had a virus (hardly convincing in my opinion) 4 doctors appointments and lots of symptoms later (I'll spare you all of the long story of doctors and misdiagnosis yada yada) turns out-- YEP! I have mono. It's putting me through the ringer but I keep reminding myself that it could be so much worse and then I am calm. I missed last week of school, and then I was doing a bit better for a few days so of course I just bounced back to my normal routine... They aren't kidding when they say mono has a hold of you for at least a month! Anyway, Eric, Jonathan and I headed down to Jackson/New Orleans for vacation which was a really wonderful time, but also landed me in the hospital for a day with disgusting mono rash. Any of you who did not have to look at it should consider yourselves lucky, and those of you who chose to keep me despite seeing it (Thank you Eric, Jonathan, Mom, Denny...) are not as lucky, but much appreciated. :) I was a bit slow during our vacation, staying out of the sun, hobbling around but despite that we had a really wonderful time. It is such a different feeling/atmosphere in the French Quarter. It feels like somewhere far away, it's beautiful, there is so much to see. To me, the doors and windows and cafes are the best thing to look at. So many colors, so much character, it's just fabulous. We did a lot of strolling, listened to some live music, and ate great food. My favorite meal was at a place called mojo's, which was reccommended by a local there who had great ideas for us. He was a foodie. It was the evening after the hospital and I said I wanted steak, so he suggested this small place where we were able to sit at a table outside on the corner and people watch. At the time we thought it was so slow but looking back I'm so glad it was. It was the most relaxing part of the trip for me. Great food, great prices, just overall so enjoyable. We also had beignets every night which was a highlight for all, and we found some cajun favorites like rabbit jambalaya (I did not partake) and crawfish, cajun delicious shrimp, bananas foster etc. We got great photos, and fun memories so I'm thrilled! Dad also took some engagement pictures which was fun, and now it is back to reality which has fallen on me like a 300 lb bag of bricks. There is so little time left in the semester, and the time I have feels stretched to capacity already. It's all so exciting because I know it will all get done and then we get to head off on our next big step, but until then there is just so much to be done. I am wishing I could exercise, somehow release all the anxiety so I could calmly take every day on it's own and plug away at these things, but I am trying to not act like myself and just take it easy to allow the mono to finish and scidaddle. If anyone knows me at all you must know that this is not easy for me. My batteries do not run slowly but I'm doing my best! I had a very productive day today, met with professors, did some work etc. Eric and I just went for a little walk and have been chatting about all of the exciting things that come with a new place to live, and so on that note, I'm going to head off for some relaxation and more thinking. Hope all of you are doing well, happy monday to all!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The sun is shining

I feel the need to acknowledge how happy I am that today is such a beautiful day. Because I've found myself complaining a bit this morning and walking around hunched over holding my head, as if that would somehow magically remove the ache, I am now feeling guilty for carrying around the pity rather than paying attention to what is going so wonderfully... the weather!! I tend to get warm easily and today I was essentially in sweats with the temps pushing 60 degrees... but I'm not complaining!! We have not had a full chance to enjoy it yet today, but Finn and I enjoyed one of two trips to the dog park today, and I'm looking forward to the next. Lately I have been feeling so lucky when I'm at the park with him. He has the happiest look on his face when it's nice out and he is just so anxious to soak it all up. He grabs this toy, that ball, chases someone, wants to be chased, and all the while (miraculously) he has been listening to every word I say. For the past few days I've been asked all the details on him, what breed he is, how old he is, and other owners have commented on his good behavior and the fact that he seems so devoted to me. This naturally makes me happy, and I feel SO very lucky that on days like this (and every day) I get to enjoy the outdoors with such a curious and enthusiastic friend. I feel better about whatever the day has held once we get to the park, as Finn starts rolling around or somehow cracking me up, many issues seem to fall away. Who knows, maybe I will be found later today rolling in the grass as well, just to soak up the full effect.
The sun is shining...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Be Calm...

Let me start by saying that somehow my computer configured itself so that I wrote the beginning of this blog in Hindi... Wouldn't it have been fun if I left it like that for you all to figure out? Well today I was torn between a calm center, and my old slightly hypochondriac ways. I woke up with a very sore neck and a bad headache, neither of which I get often, and so all day I battled all of the worst possibilities against reason. By the end of the day I was quite sure that I had a case of meningitis, which made me feel both nervous and absolutely ridiculous, and quite frustrated that I found myself looking it up on the internet and allowing it to consume my thoughts where better things could be. As I am still sitting here at work, conscious, and not in much pain on the whole spectrum of things... I have decided that in fact my vaccination against the infection probably did it's job after all- Thank you doctors, scientists, brilliant folks. I am currently sitting with a mug of green tea, very thankful for my health. Not that I actually had a scare of course, but when something feels off I feel very lucky for the things that feel right...
I have now officially bared my neurosis with you all, so at least be proud that I have for now decided to remain calm... Until next time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dream Job

I have had a pretty solid idea of what I would hope my career would be some day... But this year I have been thrown into a whirlwind of possibilities as I finish the coursework in my major (1 class and an internship to go!!) and my eyes have been opened to all the directions I could go. I think I have come full circle, but during all of that, I have learned so much more about what I would want to do, and the vision of this dream job has become so much clearer. I'll start from the beginning. Leading up to college I was sure that I wanted to some day start my own long term health care facility, small and family based, and focusing on alternative forms of preventative medicine (ex: yoga therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy, support groups etc.) With a major in Family Services and the masters I have always hoped to go for (public administration/health) I would hopefully be qualified to make this happen someday. I LOVE my coursework. However, had UNI offered nutrition and dietetics as a major, I would have definitely gone into that field, and recently I have realized that I could incorporate that in the work that I'm qualified to do by going into family nutrition. But here's the exciting part... A few weeks ago I found a family wellness center in Anchorage where they focus on all of these things, and I am hoping to apply for an internship here during the summer, we'll see how that goes. Seeing the website gave me hope that a clinic like the place I would ideally work really does exist, and it gets better. I happened upon an article the other day that literally hit so close to home I was just on a high for days after, reading it to everyone I passed practically. It was a story of a farm where they do horticultural therapy for people with various mental illnesses. It's a small place, maybe 10 people live there at a time, and they are all responsible for caring for a garden, animals, chores, and they cook one night a week for the other members of the house. I will tell more to anyone who is interested because I can tell I'm dragging on and on (this happens when I'm excited about something). But honestly, it came back to doing EXACTLY what I wanted to do, but in a creative way that tied in all of the other areas I have wanted to get into. Now I just need to learn more about gardening or hire a horticultural specialist (Aunt Deb help!) Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all... I would be so excited to be a part of something like that at some time in my life, whether or not it was my own.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The countdown begins!

I decided it was a bit ridiculous that in the month and a half that I've had this blog, I've written absolutely nothing of importance or of interest. I guess I got a tad anxious to start the blog and share all of the travels with you all (that I have not yet left for!) But the exciting news is this... The travels start THIS MONTH!!!!! While Alaska is still a little over 2 months away, I officially have a trip planned for every month leading up to that. In just under two weeks I'll be heading off to New Orleans with Eric and Jonathan, and I'm extremely excited for that trip. I spent some time there last march as well and it was so fun and relaxing--can't wait to go again with these two and experience all the fabulousness that is New Orleans. After that, school yada yada, followed by my trip to New York City to see TIFFANY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to going back to the city because realistically it will be quite a while before I get to go again, but as you can probably tell the real excitement is that I get to see Tiffany again, who has been gone for a few months in South Africa doing all kinds of wonderful exciting things... And then... drumroll... The take off for Alaska will be almost exactly one month after I get back from that and slave away with school work. While I have so much to do, lots of big assignments, work, volunteer hours to complete, and nothing has been organized for the trip yet, I still cannot be bothered by it because the fabulous adventure starts in 10 weeks. I cannot believe the time has gone by so fast.
I hope this starts a string of posts that I'll write and share with all of you... We need practice for when we're apart!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Testing 1,2,3

I have nothing of importance to say at the time, but am starting this blog to share thoughts and future adventures with all of you. Hope that you will do the same!