Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's becoming real

And the countdown is... 6 WEEKS until we take off for Alaska! If you had asked me a few months ago I would have said that I truly believed that time would just creep on... but it has absolutely flown by. It's great in the sense that I am so excited for Alaska, and that it has been wonderful for the semester of classes to go by quickly, but now I'm thinking woa there... there is much to be done. I do not want the time to slow at all, rather, I think that I need to slow down a bit. I have 6 weeks to enjoy my favorite Iowa places, people, feelings, sights, and yet I have trouble slowing my thoughts and days. The fact that we are moving so soon is becoming extremely real, as we now have a house lined up to live in, and it is time to start packing things up from my apartment, deciding what we will/can bring, and what will stay. It is such exciting stuff to think about, but at the same time a tid stressful because the reality of it is that we will not have much. It's so fun to think of the home just coming together and looking exactly how I like to imagine it, but obviously that process will take what may feel like ages to come together. With the finances of a college student being what they are, it could take a few ages.
But I will keep my thoughts where I like them and think of all the lovely colors the walls could be, what art would look good where, and how happy I will feel to have these new surroundings, a large yard to watch Finn explore in, and fabulous people to share it with. I'm starting to mentally prepare for all of the changes, but think it would probably be best if I stay focused for a few more weeks on school, as there is much to be finished, and who am I trying to kid, much to be started too :) Anyway, just a little peak into my current flood of thoughts. I officially have a new address as of May, so if any of you would like it, I have it to give, just let me know!
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