Thursday, March 5, 2009

The sun is shining

I feel the need to acknowledge how happy I am that today is such a beautiful day. Because I've found myself complaining a bit this morning and walking around hunched over holding my head, as if that would somehow magically remove the ache, I am now feeling guilty for carrying around the pity rather than paying attention to what is going so wonderfully... the weather!! I tend to get warm easily and today I was essentially in sweats with the temps pushing 60 degrees... but I'm not complaining!! We have not had a full chance to enjoy it yet today, but Finn and I enjoyed one of two trips to the dog park today, and I'm looking forward to the next. Lately I have been feeling so lucky when I'm at the park with him. He has the happiest look on his face when it's nice out and he is just so anxious to soak it all up. He grabs this toy, that ball, chases someone, wants to be chased, and all the while (miraculously) he has been listening to every word I say. For the past few days I've been asked all the details on him, what breed he is, how old he is, and other owners have commented on his good behavior and the fact that he seems so devoted to me. This naturally makes me happy, and I feel SO very lucky that on days like this (and every day) I get to enjoy the outdoors with such a curious and enthusiastic friend. I feel better about whatever the day has held once we get to the park, as Finn starts rolling around or somehow cracking me up, many issues seem to fall away. Who knows, maybe I will be found later today rolling in the grass as well, just to soak up the full effect.
The sun is shining...

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