Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another reason I hate computers.

It is truly unfortunate that I know so very little about technology.  What I do know, is that blogging can be very difficult for me sometimes because I have pictures that I want to share, yet I cannot load them onto my laptop.  It works perfectly fine on the big desktop in the basement, and while I love to work down there, it's much more difficult than just sneaking in a few moments here and there on the laptop, wherever I may be. I have tried everything I can think of.  I've used a regular USB cord, a card reader, I've inserted the SD card straight into the side, and nada. No luck whatsoever.  I could just suck it up and do all of my writing downstairs but I'll just be honest and say that if I have to go down there and sit there to wait for the photos to load and do every bit of writing there, days go with no writing at all.  I just don't have time to sit down there most days.  I write, do the dishes quickly, come back to write for a few more minutes, then do something else.  I write for a wee bit when I sneak away for a study break once a week or so.  On the laptop. But with no pictures, no posts, and a very bummed me. I hate it when an opportunity to write is missed because of this.  If only I could just figure out what all of these little pop up messages mean on the laptop but like I said... I don't know much about technology.  Time to do some research, or you'll be hearing from me shorty from the basement...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We are here.

Hello long lost friends!
I took an unexpected break, but I've missed it here more than I thought.   I've always loved writing, and I've loved blogging from the very moment I started here.  But I only love it when it doesn't bring a load of pressure along with it, and I guess when the creative juices weren't flowing, I didn't want to feel the pressure to write.  I wanted to feel no guilt in just taking time away, and trying to really dive into the days here and soak up the fun we are having.  The fact is though, that I miss this space and connecting to people through blogging, so I'm here.  I know that when you follow a blogger who doesn't post regularly it can be frustrating... so if you are still here with me, reading along, thank you. I always hope to be better.  And I appreciate every single moment you take to look at this blog.

Henry and I have been busy enjoying the perfect weather we've been lucky enough to have here.  We are getting a nice long autumn, and it has felt so great!  Now that I've decided not to go back to work until I'm done with the IBCLC program (feels forever away, essentially), I'm lucky enough to still be spending each day soaking up the time with Henry.  I study a bit here and there also, though soon I'll need to crack down on that and my work load will increase.  I will also be doing some hours at the hospital soon, so I feel great about spending the days just me and my little man while I can.  I need to enjoy every minute I can get before we get much busier!
We have been visiting park after park, taking walks, playing at the library, rolling in the grass and leaves, pumpkin hunting, playing chase, feeding ducks, making treats and loving each other's company.  I miss work like crazy, but there's no where I'd rather be than along side my little H during this awesome time.  18 months is so great, and since he finally had another check up I'll have an 18 month update soon.  This boy is changing at a crazy pace.

Until next time,