Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another reason I hate computers.

It is truly unfortunate that I know so very little about technology.  What I do know, is that blogging can be very difficult for me sometimes because I have pictures that I want to share, yet I cannot load them onto my laptop.  It works perfectly fine on the big desktop in the basement, and while I love to work down there, it's much more difficult than just sneaking in a few moments here and there on the laptop, wherever I may be. I have tried everything I can think of.  I've used a regular USB cord, a card reader, I've inserted the SD card straight into the side, and nada. No luck whatsoever.  I could just suck it up and do all of my writing downstairs but I'll just be honest and say that if I have to go down there and sit there to wait for the photos to load and do every bit of writing there, days go with no writing at all.  I just don't have time to sit down there most days.  I write, do the dishes quickly, come back to write for a few more minutes, then do something else.  I write for a wee bit when I sneak away for a study break once a week or so.  On the laptop. But with no pictures, no posts, and a very bummed me. I hate it when an opportunity to write is missed because of this.  If only I could just figure out what all of these little pop up messages mean on the laptop but like I said... I don't know much about technology.  Time to do some research, or you'll be hearing from me shorty from the basement...

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