Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Back... kind of

Hello to all! It's been a big few weeks which would explain my absence on here... I don't even know if anyone has been looking, but if you have, I'm back! For the most part. I'm kind of here, kind of in some other place, who really knows. The past few weeks have certainly been interesting. Two weeks ago I woke up feeling quite crummy, to the point where I wanted to go to the doctor the next day for some relief. He drew blood, tested me for mono and decided that I just had a virus (hardly convincing in my opinion) 4 doctors appointments and lots of symptoms later (I'll spare you all of the long story of doctors and misdiagnosis yada yada) turns out-- YEP! I have mono. It's putting me through the ringer but I keep reminding myself that it could be so much worse and then I am calm. I missed last week of school, and then I was doing a bit better for a few days so of course I just bounced back to my normal routine... They aren't kidding when they say mono has a hold of you for at least a month! Anyway, Eric, Jonathan and I headed down to Jackson/New Orleans for vacation which was a really wonderful time, but also landed me in the hospital for a day with disgusting mono rash. Any of you who did not have to look at it should consider yourselves lucky, and those of you who chose to keep me despite seeing it (Thank you Eric, Jonathan, Mom, Denny...) are not as lucky, but much appreciated. :) I was a bit slow during our vacation, staying out of the sun, hobbling around but despite that we had a really wonderful time. It is such a different feeling/atmosphere in the French Quarter. It feels like somewhere far away, it's beautiful, there is so much to see. To me, the doors and windows and cafes are the best thing to look at. So many colors, so much character, it's just fabulous. We did a lot of strolling, listened to some live music, and ate great food. My favorite meal was at a place called mojo's, which was reccommended by a local there who had great ideas for us. He was a foodie. It was the evening after the hospital and I said I wanted steak, so he suggested this small place where we were able to sit at a table outside on the corner and people watch. At the time we thought it was so slow but looking back I'm so glad it was. It was the most relaxing part of the trip for me. Great food, great prices, just overall so enjoyable. We also had beignets every night which was a highlight for all, and we found some cajun favorites like rabbit jambalaya (I did not partake) and crawfish, cajun delicious shrimp, bananas foster etc. We got great photos, and fun memories so I'm thrilled! Dad also took some engagement pictures which was fun, and now it is back to reality which has fallen on me like a 300 lb bag of bricks. There is so little time left in the semester, and the time I have feels stretched to capacity already. It's all so exciting because I know it will all get done and then we get to head off on our next big step, but until then there is just so much to be done. I am wishing I could exercise, somehow release all the anxiety so I could calmly take every day on it's own and plug away at these things, but I am trying to not act like myself and just take it easy to allow the mono to finish and scidaddle. If anyone knows me at all you must know that this is not easy for me. My batteries do not run slowly but I'm doing my best! I had a very productive day today, met with professors, did some work etc. Eric and I just went for a little walk and have been chatting about all of the exciting things that come with a new place to live, and so on that note, I'm going to head off for some relaxation and more thinking. Hope all of you are doing well, happy monday to all!

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  1. I know this time of rest is difficult for you, but I know you will also enjoy it. Keep pluging away and get ready to hit up the big apple in 15 days!!!!!!


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