Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye Nest

It is hard to believe that I have moved out of my apartment... for the most part at least. Time has gone as quickly as I hoped that it would. It's so weird to see our apartment looking more bare, but we can finally see all the space we have been missing! We can actually see large amounts of carpet, and my room is no longer cluttered with all of my stuff, but rather little piles of papers and random odds and ends here and there. Today's project will be getting those things cleared out, vacuuming the floor, and packing up the kitchen. Come Thursday, I'm completely out and off to the Kentucky Derby!! Then back to Cedar Falls for a couple of finals, then to Iowa City for a few days, then a week in Des Moines and we are off. The time should fly since it is so planned out. Generally I don't like my days so planned, but all of these things excite me very much, and bring us closer to Alaska so I'm just fine with it. I have been trying to really soak up and enjoy my moments here, and although it is hard to do in the middle of final classes and project/paper writing, I think it's very important right now. I will miss Iowa and everyone here so I really want to absorb the last few weeks. It has been fun to watch Finn in the apartment that is now much more empty... all kinds of room to roll around in, I think he likes the space.

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