Friday, November 13, 2009

A Lovely Relaxing Evening

Good morning!
I had the most wonderful night last night, I am so lucky for working where I do with such a wonderful group of women! I honestly love working with everyone of them, and last night we finally got to spend some time together outside of work. It was the annual "spa party" (3 weeks after I start, I came just in time!!) We went to one of the midwives house, which by the way is my dream house. It is up in the neighborhood I love here but could never afford, up in the hillside so it overlooks the ocean as it is on a mountain. Beautiful area and beautiful house. We all brought food to share, and that part was delicious. There was wine, and 2 masseuses downstairs that gave every person a 45 minute massage. It was, by the way, the BEST massage I've ever had. I literally felt 3 inches taller when I was done. We were all given a pottery barn bathrobe which was lovely and soft, and everyone had a great time laughing. We then of course ended up doing emergency birth drills because we had missed them the day before due to a 3 minute birth at the birth center. These drills are for midwives and nurses and birth assistants who could be in the room during a problem. So one of our midwives Laura, tells the scenario and everyone has to role play what they would do. With Claire, our billing person pretending to be the pregnant woman (she played it dramatically and it was great!) and everyone more in spa party mode than work mode it turned out to be quite chaotic and entertaining. I think I'll learn more when I'm at work, but this way was fun too!
I felt very spoiled, especially because Eric David and Ruth were at home grouting the new shower tile. They all looked absolutely exhausted when I got home, so I felt a bit guilty.
Anyway, what a wonderful night! I wish that was more of a monthly event. We discussed other reasons to celebrate, so there will be a Christmas party, and a party in the next month or so (whenever it happens) to celebrate the 500th birth in the birth center.
I'm thrilled it's Friday today, although it doesn't feel like it because I work at AWAIC all day tomorrow. My weekends have been cut short for the past few weeks but it's ok... I can look forward to Sunday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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