Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Further Progress

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I'm currently in my comfy clothes resting at home... I like Tuesdays for that. I don't work or babysit or anything ( I love both those things but I love having a day) I do have class, but I get to rest before between and after. Today I'm not feeling well, so relaxing here with the pups is feeling even better than usual. Last night we hit some milestones with the house! We finished all the painting downstairs, and put up new curtain rods and curtains, rehung our plants, and bought/mounted a tv! I have enjoyed not having a tv for the past 6 months (wow, I just now realized we have lived here for 6 months!) but as it gets colder and darker, we were all getting a little antsy to have a tv to watch movies and things on. We use my computer, but it no longer plays dvd's the poor thing is 6 years old and dying... and it's hard when half the household members want to use internet and half want to watch entertainment online. So it really does feel nice to have a tv. Everyone was up early watching the morning news. I can honestly say now as I sit here all cozy that it's starting to feel like my home. We have a collection of frames now waiting for pictures, so Eric and I are going to work on that tonight. I think that will really help! Having all the plants in here is also really helping. I bought more pots and we got more spider plants, and my personal favorite, a lipstick plant. The leaves of it are really full and luscious and colorful. I really love to look at that.
Today I re-enrolled for my gym membership, so I'm looking forward to getting back into shape, and hopefully soon we'll buy skis and start learning to cross country ski with the pups. You can just head on out of our house and ski all over the streets because the snow just packs down without plowing, so it should be really easy!
It is negative 5 degrees today, so winter is certainly here. It feels pretty good, though I really need a new winter coat. I'm off to finish my tea and head to class... hopefully to come home to a night of relaxation. I may be logging on tonight to show photos of our developments!

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