Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our First Snow Has Arrived!!

For some of you, mainly my sisters, this may seem odd. But I am so thrilled that our first snow is here! 2 days ago, on Sunday, we were walking around Lowes and Christmas things were all around, shovels etc. It was pretty dark outside (still getting used to that) and it just felt like it should be snowing, that would have been the comfy thing. It has been so surprising to all that there is no snow yet and I haven't been thrilled about it. Then that evening as we were having a dog birthday celebration, snow started falling. It was beautiful. It fell lightly, but left us with enough inches that the city looks entirely different now. Winter has arrived! The temperature is still perfect. It's in the 20's and not frigid at all. It feels so cozy to walk out and have there be mostly dark, but snow falling, and christmas lights and street lights all around. I'm excited to see the amount of Christmas lights increase. I thought to myself as I ran evening errands that I like the feeling of it here a bit more with snow. For now at least! It would be better with a good winter coat, but that is on the short list. I'll have to find a good deal on one at some point here.
As I mentioned, we had a dog celebration, as all of the pups have fall birthdays. Allie just turned one last month, Finn turned 2 on the Granzow wedding day, and Beaufort is turning 4. What a feast they had. Bowls of wet food (this is a treat!) with their initials in cream cheese surrounded with treats! Finn is absolutely a snow dog, so every time he steps out he jumps around with excitement. It's great to see. Today I have class all day, but afterwards we are going out for a very long play date with my friend Lily and her dog Monster. The two have a blast together, as do we.
My truck is handling well in the snow, though I'm thinking and have been told that I may need to invest in some studded tires. I have 4 wheel drive, but it is probably not quite enough. I'm not in a huge rush however, most tires can handle a certain amount of snow. There is not much snow pack yet, so I may wait a bit.
I had a fun day at work yesterday, there were three women who came in for their 6 week post partum visits, and since most of them are home with the baby they have to bring the baby to the office! At the 6 week visit they have to get an actual exam, so someone has to hold the babies... in steps Victoria!! I held 2 yesterday, and there was a third who had to sit in his carrier because there were not enough arms. Ah, if only that could be every day at work!
I am up early today on my one day to sleep in, so I can work on school work. But the server is down so I cannot get on to view assignments. So much for that idea! Now it will be back to my regular stressful degree of procrastination.

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