Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know it's the night before, but I thought I'd wish you all a good one right now. I'm currently enjoying some quiet time watching "In the Womb", with sleeping Lindeen boys scattered about the couch. They must not be interested in this show. As if I am not already surrounded all day long by pregnancy and fetus stories, I am sitting here at 11:30 pm watching twins in the womb. How fascinating though, I just cannot get enough. A very good sign I think, that I'm in a place where I fit. I really love my job, and I love learning so much there. I find it ever so interesting, exciting, etc. We had a woman in today who was in early labor, and if she went into good active labor before 6pm I was going to stay for the birth, and observe/assist in my first one. I was so excited to get the training process started, but unfortunately her progress was a bit slower. Oh well, there will be many more!
Tonight we all went to the dog park around 9 or so... It has been warm the past few days and we haven't had snowfall for almost a week, but tonight it came again... The darkness lessens when there is snow falling and on the ground. It's much lighter and easy to see, and there's almost an orange tint all around. In my eyes at least. We went to the park and for the second time in a row, Finn gave his very best park performance. All the dogs just ran around SO thrilled with the snow, but stayed near and did not hunt any moose. We got a huge workout in, more than any of us had planned. It's hard trudging around in the snow! I should mention also, that I was wearing Eric's boots, and I found them very difficult to lift but for once my feet were hot.
Tomorrow should be a busy day with Thanksgiving preparations, Eric and I are in charge of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. We opted for green bean casserole a la Eric, and sweet potatoes with kale and curry powder a la Victoria. Pies were baked tonight, and everyone will be busy making things to contribute tomorrow. One of our friends from Iowa is living in Fairbanks for a few months, so she is flying down here tonight to spend Thanksgiving with us. I'm waiting up to go pick her up from the airport in a bit. We have a few other friends coming as well, so I'm very excited for that. We're giving ourselves a day of rest afterwards, and some time to switch gears because Saturday we're doing the Lindeen traditional Christmas before their parents Mike and Ruth go back to Iowa. This will include some traditional Swedish dishes that I will not attempt to spell, but I will tell you they are mighty delicious!
I just saw a commercial with photos of the Northern Lights and I'm really excited to see those this winter. So far I have not, but at some point I'll go up a bit higher than our home location so I can get a good look. How amazing that will be, I imagine.
I have some school work to do with a few group members this weekend, but other than that it's a weekend off, hard to believe. It really doesn't feel like it, I feel like I have to get up in the morning and be somewhere tomorrow. I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving dinners if you're celebrating, and everyone have a wonderful long weekend! This is my first Thanksgiving and first holiday with solely in-laws and no Silber/Reese members, so for any of you that may be reading...I love you. I can already tell I miss you this Thanksgiving.

Until next time!

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