Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House Photos

2 posts in one day!! I think this is nearly a first. Dad asked me to share some photos of our house, since we're doing work to it. This was not a good night to do it, because it's dark out so it's difficult to see the outside (though it's plain so you'll get the idea) and also because we haven't cleaned today, it's looking pretty cluttered and such. So this week we'll get photos hung and clean things up. There are boxes laying around now since we are putting up new curtains and rods and such. But here's a taste! I'll share more later this week as we clean up and prepare for Thanksgiving! The festivities are taking place at our house.

This is the outside... David's car on right, mine on left!

This is one corner of the kitchen...

And this is the kitchen while standing in the doorway from the hallway. so garage/door on left, and living room on right. Right behind me in this photo is a bathroom/laundry room... but certainly not anything to see!Living room from the kitchen... looks cluttered cuz of crap on tables, and fruit basket/plant in front of camera but it's not really that crowded!
Here is the other half of living room, with curtain crowding the fireplace. There is our new tv, and the yard to the left!The other half of our living room.

The upstairs will come later. messy.

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