Monday, October 12, 2009

I've Done It Again!

Wooops! I have again gone for weeks (months??) without updating the blog. There have been moments where I've thought of how good it would feel to sign on and update it, but then I get tired or sidetracked and it just doesn't happen. Luckily, I don't really have that much to fill people in on. We have had some pretty laid back weeks recently. A few weeks back we enjoyed a great night camping at Eklutna, which is the lake where Ted and Bekah got married. Bright yellow trees just covered the mountains, and the water is a turquoise of sorts... very beautiful lake, and the cool weather was fabulous! It still feels like fall, which is a bit surprising! For about two days we had some snow falling over the tips of the mountains which was just too beautiful. I love driving while it is sunny and cool and the leaves are beautiful and in the distance there are snow capped mountains. But as the temperatures warmed up again and rain came, the snow disappeared. I am excited about this because that just means the whole effect is going to come again! As it snows in Iowa (ha!) the sun shines on the dry ground here... but I'm ready for the snow to come any time it would like. I need to invest in a new winter coat and some decent boots before that happens, but all in good time.
We have finally started making some changes to the house! We had a weekend full of painting, though now it has turned out to be multiple unfinished jobs. Fear not, we will get it done. This is what I keep telling myself. We painted the living room a mocha/tan color which looks really beautiful! If we could just get the hideous curtain rod down, we could paint that wall and finish the room. Then we painted the kitchen an apple green color which was so bright it was hard to get used to, but we all like it very much--color is what we were going for! Under the breakfast bar is a red color, which adds a fun pop to the tan living room, and then makes the green not look so bright if you look at it from that direction. I will post pictures when we finish and get the living room back together, as it is currently all piled up in the middle of the floor.
The most exciting thing to me right now, is that I get to go home next week!!!!! The time has finally come near, Kate's wedding. It is absolutely hard to believe, and I feel a bit detached from the details so I'm not sure what to expect, but I know I cannot wait to get back. I leave one week from tomorrow, at 1 in the morning for a 17 hour day of traveling. But when I get there I get to visit with the sisters and nieces, and then my old roommate Kelsea is driving from Cedar Falls to Des Moines on Thursday so we can spend some time together. She is going to spend the night Thursday, and then Friday I pick up Eric and all of the wedding festivities begin! For all of you family reading, I cannot wait to see you! This past month has really put me in a place where I just cannot wait to see family and more familiar faces. Plus I love weddings and opportunities to dress up and dance.
Today I'm supposed to be busy putting laundry away and writing my speech that I have to give tomorrow... that was the goal I set for myself when I woke up, but so far I have just wandered about. I'm currently at a coffee shop, and no speech has been written. But I'll get to it :) For now, it's off to eat some lunch, then meet with a woman who's children I may potentially babysit. I'm in the process of making some changes as far as work goes, and all of this while I try to figure out where I'm going with my internship second semester. So some babysitting here and there could really help my funds situation, let's hope it works out smoothly.
Hope you're all happy and smiling, and enjoying whatever weather you're having...

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