Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am so thrilled to report that I finally have a job! I had an interview this morning and got a call about an hour later offering me the position. So beginning next week I will be a behavioral/mental health associate at Hope Community Resources. For anyone who wants to know more about the agency, take a look at this link! http://www.hopealaska.org/jh/jh_currentopenings.cfm That should take you directly to the job openings, so you can see what the job description is. Anyway, that is the exciting news of the day! Eric got a job today at REI so we are very happy!
Bekah and I both have colds so that has put a tiny damper on the last few days, but that's ok. Tonight will be for lounging and relaxing, and we're looking forward to taking the next few days to have fun and relax without having to job search. Then next week finally our time being put to good use! We have really been feeling antsy so that should be a great change. The bank accounts will thank us too :) Lets see, Sunday we all went out hiking again, we did the same area as last time-- Bear Valley, although this time we made it much further. It ended up being about a 5 hour hike total, the dogs made it the whole way as well and it was hard work but a lot of fun. My butt has never burned so badly! Hopefully that means it's just getting back in shape! It was the warmest day of the summer so far, and we lounged at one of the peaks for a while about 3700 feet up, while Ted and David went a bit further. During the hike we all got sunburned, which wasn't ideal but it felt great to be getting that kind of sunlight at 5pm! I love the light here in the summer, I'm anxious to see how I'll like the dark in the winter. For the most part, most days, I feel really energized by the sunlight. I don't get tired early, and I wake up with energy. I love going to bed and seeing that it is still not dark, I don't know why but for some reason I think it's very beautiful and cozy. I don't have much else to report at the moment, the days have been filled with much of the same, job searching, outside, lounge, etc... but now that will change, luckily :)
Until next time!

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