Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to AK

It was hard for me last time I wrote to not talk about my surprise trip home, but it was exactly that- a surprise. Well for Kate at least. Everyone else knew I was coming, and it was a wonderful trip indeed. It was fun to get to Kate's bridal shower, Macy's first birthday party, and spend some time with family and friends. My friends are rarely in the same state these days, so the fact that everyone was around and I got to see them multiple times was so wonderful. I'm still missing everyone, but it felt good to get back to Anchorage at the same time. I had a few hours off for sleep after a wonderful homecoming, and then off to work at the new job the next morning! I have been LOVING it. Finally a place that is as fast paced as I tend to be, it's crazy there and there are always 32948 things going on at once and while it could be overwhelming (and seems to be) it's still nice to not be bored at work. I really love it.

I'm getting a tad nervous about the fact that I'm still training with this job, working at Hope, starting school on Monday, and all I want to do is have a good trip with my friends Tiff and John who also come Monday! I know everything will work out, I just don't want too much going on because we have some very fun things planned. But such is life, and I know it will work out just fine. It feels odd to be heading back to school. I don't feel like I'm in school anymore, though I'm not expecting a very hard semester although I need to do some additional online classes, and that will probably be a challenge. Finding the motivation at least. That is all that I'm up to at this time, this weekend we are going to Seward with friends and I'm thrilled because I love Seward and haven't been since last summer. We are going to camp and hike exit glacier. (I think that's what it's called?) Have not hiked for a while so I'm sure we'll be huffing and puffing but that's ok. Hopefully next weekend we'll get to Seward again with Tiff and John, and maybe take some kayaks out as well as take the wildlife tour (Kenai Fjords tours) which we did last summer and had a great time. Basics of life right now are that it's extremely busy, but what else is new. I'm always busy, but always on my toes, just the way I like it...

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