Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Did I say Goodbye?

I was just kidding. I thought I wanted to leave this blog, or rather just move it elsewhere, but who knows what I want.  Two days was plenty, and now I've had a change of heart. I blame postpartum hormones for my indecisiveness. Turns out, blogger does hold the tricks I want to add to this blog... and while I liked some of the tumblr aspects for the whole 3 seconds I was part of it, I can't work it so we're back here... just new and improved.  Well hopefully improved, I'm happier with it at least! So take note that the url has changed now to  Other changes,
I've now added links to my very favorite blogs so that I can share all of my giddy excitement with you when one of them updates. Check back there occasionally for reading pleasure. I also changed the comment settings so that anyone can leave a comment on these posts, you don't have to have a blogger or gmail account.  So I had best be hearing from someone... I know you're out there!  There should be buttons on here somewhere where you can follow this in various ways, so if you're interested feel free.  And if you're not interested, well that is just fine as well!
You'll probably all laugh and roll your eyes (along with me) as things keep changing on here, because I'm still working on it.  But changing and growing is always good, so it's no different here. I'll just keep working with this site, and you can just be surprised when something new pops up.  It would be lovely and fancy if I just made a fabulous site right off the bat, but I've proved that I don't work that way.  It's a work in progress. So back to blogging!
Phew, feels good!

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