Friday, October 22, 2010

Things are changing

We are constantly surrounded by change, and I am being reminded of that in every way, every day. We have had a beautiful, beautiful fall this year (which I am SO happy about) and the Alaskan winter is quickly approaching. Each day the sun rises a few minutes later, sets a few minutes earlier, and the dark is extremely dark since the snow has not fallen yet. We can walk through the park in the evening and it's hard to see other people or see the dogs. This will all change when the snow falls and things seem much lighter. But it's certainly a change to adjust to! I keep having to remind myself that I need to wear my coat (which has sprung a leak and sprays down all over the place) and that I need to get moving a tad earlier to scrape the frost off my car. I will also need to remember to carry a headlamp or some light source with me in case I end up out and about wandering in the dark!
I kind of like this in between stage, because the weather is cool and there are periods of dark, but the sun still shines for us in the afternoons and the leaves are still falling and making the fall stick around a bit longer. I wait all year for fall, so I'm not quite ready to let go.
Other changes are upon us too! I am now approaching 18 weeks pregnant, so getting close to half way. Changes this week are a larger belly that is becoming more noticably pregnant to people who don't know what my belly looked like before... Also my wardrobe is shrinking as all my pants are inches away from closing around me, and my shirts are getting a tad shorter in front. I'm still making it work for as long as possible, so we will see what changes the belly takes on in the next few weeks and a shopping trip may be in order. Also new this week, I can feel our little boy moving! It isn't regular and won't be for a while, but I can feel him a little in the evenings and sometimes when I sit at my desk at work. Just a few pokes and squiggles here and there. It's so fun I wish I could feel it all day long! Soon enough, I'll feel them more and as he grows so much bigger each week I should get more obvious kicks in the next few weeks. I cannot wait to feel what an actual kick feels like. My appetite has also changed in a big way! Until this point, I have gone through fairly common bursts with a weird appetite. Food didn't sound good for weeks, then it started to a couple of months ago and my appetite was just fairly normal, and now I can tell we are growing because I am hungry ALL of the time. I have to bring tons of snacks with me, eat mini meals, just so I don't starve during the day. Chances are I wouldn't starve, but this little one is telling me it's time to eat :) I love a man with an appetite to match Mama's!
It is sounding as though there may be a birth at the birth center today/tonight and I am on call so I'm thrilled about that! I have been hoping for another baby or two before going home to Iowa in a few weeks. I am heading home for a short trip to go to Kate's baby shower, meet my new and adorable nephew Truett, and see the fam, the girls etc! I talked to Sydney and Macy on the phone today, it has been way too long since we have talked on the phone. Sydney sounds practically like an adult with a sweet little voice, and Macy is sounding so much older! I have never heard her talk this much. She had all kinds of things to say to me, and kept throwing my name "To" in there which I just love to hear. Although I'm not excited about my flight itinerary and a few very long days of travel, I cannot wait to get to Iowa and see them!
I have the day off today, and I'm excited for that so I'm off to switch laundry, and of course, have a snack...

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