Monday, December 6, 2010

Birth, Guitars, and every day things!

I have tried multiple times to learn to play acoustic guitar... never once has it worked for longer than 2 days when I forget the chords I've learned all over again. This time, I am determined to learn, and I'm going to make that my project over the next 3 months until there's a little man in my life and there is less time for guitar playing! I want to learn how to strum which I'm horribly terrible at, and I want to learn a few songs by my three very favorite artists-- Brandi Carlile, Jeffrey Foucault, and John Gorka. Good thing I like slow mellow music because I can already tell you, I slow down even those songs about twice as much. At least.

Tonight Dad and I skyped for about an hour, and we both tinkered on the guitar and listened to music and I'm feeling inspired to try again! Eric, David and I played a few songs after that and after looking online I realized I really could learn to play some of my favorites, and that would make me extremely happy. So here I go!

My weekend turned out to be entirely unproductive. I made crappy pancakes because we had 2/3 of the ingredients and in a sleepy stupor I decided it would be a good idea to try making them anyway. Ew . I watched movies instead of doing laundry, but it felt nice. Eric and I took a trip to Blockbuster on Friday night, and watched a movie that night, and then Sunday we woke up and had coffee and watched a movie together. I don't know when the last time we had time to do that was, and it was great. Saturday I dusted off the cross country skis and headed out with some friends from work, Felicity, Sarah, her daughter Maddie, and Kasey. It was so rejuvinating! So Sunday we headed out again and this time brought the dogs which was extremely fun, and we went about twice as long so I got a really good workout in . I love the feeling of skiing even though I'm not an efficient skiier by any means. It will be a regular weekend activity, as I don't like to go out alone in the dark and it's dark well before I get off work. On the weekends, we caught the daylight and went during sunset around 3:30-- beautiful . Another fun activity of the weekend was going to an Irish pub to listen to a blue grass band play. My friend Kasey's boyfriend plays the bass in the band, and it was great music and great fun. I ate my share of delicious snacks which made it easier to stay out past midnight-- I was quite proud! Midnight used to be nothing for me, but now I start craving bed around 9... There are nights like tonight where I fell asleep on the couch before 9, but I bounced back and woke up for a walk with Finn and Eric and then here I am, still awake! (Not for long)
While we were skiing yesterday, I got a call saying that our nurse/friend Jen was in labor. We have been waiting for her little girl named Story to arrive, and knew she'd be here soon!

I rushed off the trail and to the birth center, and it was a beautiful night. She had quite a few of us from work there, which was different and fun. She did beyond a wonderful job, and brought a very small and gorgeous little girl into the world! Jen is a childbirth instructor as well as a nurse, she has tought hypnobirthing and now teaches birthing from within, and I knew she'd handle the experience gracefully. She sure did and it was wonderful to be a part of. We were up late, and back to work early in the morning so I am exhausted, and on that note I'll head to bed now.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. It's trash/recycling day here, always exciting! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Stepdad, Denny.

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