Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well that post probably seemed a tad anticlimactic. Somehow as my fingers hit buttons too fast, I hit the perfect combination of keys that told the computer to publish my post without my permission! Anyway, believe it or not, we did more than start preparations and listen to music :)
It finally started snowing again today, and we had beautiful huge flakes falling. Very festive and very beautiful, and refreshing after all the rain and ice!

It was a pretty relaxing morning, and then we started on our first ever turkey. It almost seemed too easy! We used a turkey bag, which ziplock makes and it made it so easy, we just shoved the bird and such in the bag, put that in a pan, and it cooked everything quickly and well. It even browned perfectly. It was so easy in fact that we thought "this can't be, let's leave it in a while longer" and it ended up being great, but we probably could have taken it out a bit before. Next time!

Everyone started coming over around 1 something. Our friend Dave, the Haussners, and my coworker Sarah and her family came to join us. It made for an extremely fun Thanksgiving, and we had so much food. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn casserole, another kind of potatoes, salad, veggies, cranberries, rolls, turnips, and 4 different kinds of pie. Delicious. After eating way too much dinner, we played some games which were lots of fun, and then somehow a neighborhood snowball fight started up. I have never seen our neighborhood look like this before, and it was really really nice, and fun for everyone. There was no difference between the kids on the street and the adults, everyone was running around throwing snowballs for over an hour. Something that has never happened around here, but now that it did tonight, I'm sure it will again! When we all came in and got dry, we played a few more games, and then everyone took off to head home. We got the kitchen cleaned up and here we are relaxing again and I'm thinking bed is in order.

So because it's Thanksgiving, and just because, I should give thanks for things in my life.

I'm thankful this year for a wonderful wedding and a wonderful husband, a healthy pregnancy, and an always exciting job to go to every day. I'm thankful for the arrival of Truett who I was instantly in love with of course, and thankful I was able to go and visit Sydney and Macy and family recently. So thankful for seeing friends in Iowa City and just having the feeling of driving around Iowa City again on a pretty fall day. I'm thankful for family and friendships and the list goes on!

I'm off to bed and hoping the turkey I ate for dinner (and just finished for snack) will help me to sleep soundly. Good night!

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