Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I've been asked for some photos and I said I would post some, so here they are! This first belly shot is me at 18 or 19 weeks. I can't remember, but somewhere in there. I should start keeping better track. The one in the white shirt is from today after work, at 22 weeks and some days. Now granted, it's the end of the day and no one is their smallest after a day full of snacks! But I think it has become more clear that there is more than just snacks in my belly, our little man is making a nice home in there! Definitely a noticable jump! The picture of him is from our midway ultrasound 3 weeks ago. He has always loved having his hands up on his face every time we have seen him, and he scared me by having his cord draped over his shoulder/neck. No worries, plenty of space for him to bounce around in there and not get tangled in it, but what mom likes to see the cord near the neck? So we're all happy and healthy, and Eric let me know tonight that "he's a natural" :) So I'll mention that next. Definitely worth a mention-- My wonderful husband has been SO great during this pregnancy. From the surprise of it all initially to the day to day changes, emotional ups and downs, he has been extremely caring, supportive, and is always thinking of us. We're a lucky pair to have him!

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