Thursday, December 8, 2011

Problem skin and pocketbooks

Recently I'm into some new products that wipe out both of these things. The ladies at our office say that I sound like a commercial for this stuff, so I'll try to keep it short.  I don't sell it or have any motive for going on and on about it other than the fact that I just really enjoy these products.
The company is NYR Organic and they sell some awesome skin/hair care goods! All of the products are toxin free, organic, not animal tested, scented with natural essential oils, and smell absolutely wonderful.  The company is "green" from top to bottom, from the building they make their products in, the garden they grow their ingredients in, to the bottles they use and the products themselves.  It feels good to support a business and my skin in this way. I went to a little pampering party where I learned of these goods, and then hosted a party of my own! It was lovely, and so far I'm finding my new skin care regimen is too.
The current lineup:
Wild Rose Beauty Balm (WONDER CREAM! Works as cleanser and deep moisturizer, and comes with a little cloth and instructions for facial massage)
Wild Rose Beauty Concentrate which makes my skin feel lovely
White Tea Eye gel, in hopes of helping dark circles
Rose face wash, rose water (toner), regular moisturizer and a sample of orange flower night cream (feels and smells dreamy!)
It's been funny trying to figure out how to use them all without confusing my skin, but I think it's working out well. The beauty balm is an occasional thing, and the rest I'm using regularly.  So far, my favorite product is the Rose Water. It has oils of roses packed in it, and it smells so wonderful and makes my skin feel so fresh. I also love the lip gloss that is made with sweet orange oil rather than petroleum.  I learned at the party that we consume some disgusting amount of lip gloss ( a couple of pounds, I think) and I thought that was unsettling. Especially since I'm giving Henry so many kisses! I don't wear lip gloss often (I've actually been using A&D diaper ointment recently) but this gloss I feel no guilt about wearing at all. It also feels much better, it doesn't chap my lips one bit.  I have to apply it more frequently but I'm okay with that.  It's probably because I'm secretly eating it anyway, since it smells and tastes like orange oil.
Best part is: All of these things have fixed the classic problem of the dread I feel in getting ready for bed! I hate when I'm exhausted and still have to get up to wash my face before bed.  But now, I'm so excited to go and use all of this and take the scents to bed. It's practically like aromatherapy. Well worth the price for such deliciously wonderful skin care.


  1. This is such a fabulous testimonial-----I love it...!!
    I love it sooo much that I want to share it with our home office-----can I please....??

  2. Yes of course! Thanks for introducing me to NYR! I love.


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