Monday, December 12, 2011

Wee One Goes to Work

Sometimes during our Mondays off, Henry and I like to stop by Eric's office to visit him.  Henry gets so excited to see him, and I think the office is some odd sort of playground to him.  I love that about kids, otherwise boring places are anything but to them.  He does the usual Henry bounce as soon as he's there, and wants to get his fingers on just about every single thing he can. The keyboard is the ultimate goal, but he'll settle for some other things along the way. Hinges that he can see from the floor, filing cabinets, computer... they are all thrilling for him.  He then begins to make farting noises with his tongue and lips for the next 25 minutes, more than likely leaving all of Eric's coworkers to think he's having some GI issues in his cubicle.  For those that actually walk by and see Henry spitting and bouncing, he starts to put on a flirtatious show, pulling out all of his best and most charming bits. He grins the widest grin, squeels a bit, and makes everyone smile a little wider.  I love that he's an outgoing, busy, energetic little man, and I love that he likes to make a scene at Daddy's office. 

In other news, my iPhone jumped ship and so I upgraded over the weekend to the newer iPhone.  The camera on it is WAY better, and there is video so for that I am thankful, but even a good camera phone (or a good real camera for that matter) struggles to catch a baby as bouncy as this one. Apologies for the blurr happening above. The wiggle of the boy plus the wiggle of the laughing mama trying to hold the phone makes for some iffy photography. But worth the giggles. :) 

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