Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's talk slow cookers for a minute, shall we?

Every year when the chilly Autumn air rolls around, I vow that I am going to put the slow cooker to good use.  It's all very wonderful and smooth and glamorous in my head, coming home to a new delicious meal each day after effortlessly putting it all together that morning before work.  But let's be honest, this last fall and through the long, very long winter season, I used the thing about three times I think.  And all of the other days I scrambled to come up with dinner plans, and go to the store between work and nap times because, well, I'm a wretched, terrible, anything but organized mess when it comes to meal planning.  I think perhaps I've confessed that to you before.  I get on a good kick and then three days later I realize I didn't get all the ingredients or I'm not in the mood for what was on the menu and it's back to the store I go.  I basically live there, which is fine and all because I love the grocery store like anyone else, but let's get back to the point: there's no time for all of that shenanigans.  Enter slowcooker.  The few times I have used it recently (tonight being one of them) I feel like giving myself a pat on the back for making life so much easier on myself. I did have to run to the store this morning but it was my day off so it wasn't a big deal.  I threw all of the ingredients for honey sesame chicken in the crock pot during nap time, turned it on for the next 3 hours and went about my day.  When Eric came home from work, there was no scramble to get dinner ready.  In fact, the three of us (four, including Finn dog!) headed out onto the nearby trail and walked to the little playground that is sinking in many feet of snow.  When we came back, all I had to do was throw a pot of rice on the burner and sautee some vegetables.  We ate on time, we had way more time to play, and it was delicious.  Side note- I just have to say I'm even more excited for summer now because Henry loved the park!  Half of the slide was covered and we kept falling up to our thighs in snow but it was a special glimpse into the coming months where I feel like much time will be spent at the playground.  Anyway, many of you are probably now tucking away your crock pots and heading out to the grill instead but the neverending winter is still trailing on here.  It's feeling much more spring-like but it's still perfect weather for the cozy slow cooker meals.  So tell me, what are your go-to recipes when it comes to your slow cooker?  It is my goal to use it multiple times per week from now until it is warm enough that I too, want to head outside to grill dinner some nights.  Or, maybe I'll use the slow cooker all year round.  Throw the ideas at me!

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  1. I made some really great pulled caribou (a gift from a friend) in the slow cooker. Just dumped it in and sort of fudged my own bbq sauce out of ketchup, worcestershire, dried mustard, and brown sugar. Came home and the stuff was just waiting to be shredded and thrown onto some buns. We had salad, I know, and probably had chips with it. Easy and yummy! I'd do it again with beef and very well might, after I head to Costco this weekend. But Costco on the weekend in Anchorage can be just awful; I'll have to see if I'm up for it. :)


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