Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm a New Years Eve Grinch

It's true, I'm a New Years Eve grinch, but I love a new year! I have never been huge into NYE, I just don't like the craziness of it all. But take that opinion and multiply it by 10 while I'm pregnant. I had a fairly low-key one, but when everyone around is completely sloshed and screaming and there are fireworks going off around the entire city, I get crabby. I retired home around 11:40 (probably could have held out 20 more minutes but ehhh, there are 365 days to enjoy 2011 if you ask me) and I had heard someone was in early labor. So I headed home to try to get some sleep. But somehow with all of the flashing lights and screaming and the firworks literally next door coming through my window that task seemed hard to follow through with. So it took a bit to sleep. Luckily I didn't get called in until about noon the next day to the birth center. So that is where I spent the New Year! I got home last night, and treated myself to my favorite salad from a place called Mooses Tooth, had a fabulous shower (my favorite after a birth!) and went to bed by 10:30. I live an exciting life :)
New leg cramps woke me up in the night a couple of times, they last for days and I thought wow, they tell you this might happen around 20 weeks but I made it to 28 and THEN they start! It reminds me of when I was 11-13 and had horrible growing pains, when I would limp upstairs to Mom's room and wake her up to help. She was always so willing to rub my calves even though I had woken her up. I found myself in bed this morning wishing it were still so easy as to just run to find mom and have her fix it! Instead I tried stretching and shoving the heel of my other foot into them, but I think I may just have to deal with it. Maybe this will be the final push to getting me to the pool and prenatal yoga class. I shoud go try on all my old swimsuits to see what can wear to the pool! That oughta be fun...:) David was laughing at the fact that one of my tshirts was resting on top of my belly last night, I can only imagine how my swimsuits fit!
I truly hope this year is an exciting and special one for all of you. I'm so looking forward to what it will bring to us, all of the changes... the anticipation! It's unbelievable that we become parents this year, my best friend is getting married this year, I get to be an aunt again, and who knows what else! I'm thankful for what last year brought me, and I'm ready to dive into this one!
I'll do a 28 week belly update later today,I just got out of bed and that's not the best time for photos. But our little Henry is doing well, his movements feel a lot different now days. They are more of a rolling squirming type than actual jabs. He still jabs and kicks but they just feel different. It's fun to feel larger movements and sometimes he'll be off to one side making my belly stick out on that end and I love to rest my hand there, feeling his little body in it. He has decided that for now head up seems to be a comfy place, so we are hoping in the next 2 weeks he flips to head down. He has plenty of room to move, but what we've noticed is that he just chooses not to, he'll move for a while and come back to breech-- for weeks in a row. So if he continues that in the next few, we'll start trying to change his mind a bit. For this last week though he has been in there like he's in a hammock. With his head on one side, back/belly right under my belly button and his feet up on the other side. I hope he's feeling relaxed in there, I would be if I had a warm place to be rocked to sleep in a hammock-like position! His room is taking shape, we have washed and hung a lot of clothes and I'll continue to work on that. Still needing a bookshelf and a rocking chair, and we need some organization in the closet so a few shelves may be in order. Eric is going to put a new light fixture in there, and after those things, it will be the small things to get ready. I'm on the lookout for artwork, rug, curtains etc.
Happy New Year everyone, I hope it's a wonderful, healthy, happy one for all!

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