Friday, January 28, 2011

Stories and such...

I'm back in Anchorage after a fantastic (but way too short) trip to Iowa to visit the fam, and meet my new perfect niece Emerson. It felt oh so good to be back in Iowa, even my skin and hair agreed with me. All nieces/nephew are doing wonderfully. Emerson is a good baby, quiet and so alert with her big, big eyes. I so miss waking up to snuggle her in the morning, and watching her cute squirms and and hilarious expressions. Syd, Macy and Truett are all doing perfectly also. True has gotten much bigger and is still the best cuddler. I just couldn't get enough. Syd and Macy seem to get funnier all the time. On the first night I was there, Macy walks up to me and asks "To... You poop Tuett??" I didn't leave the R out of Truett's name by accident, that's really how she says it. The question took me back a bit while I tried to figure out what she was saying, and I am guessing she was asking if I was the one that pushed baby Truett out. Rachel's response was perfect, when she replied "Hey, I POOPED TUETT! Let's give credit where credit is due!" Too funny. But moral of the story is Macy is talking like crazy and is funnier than ever. Sydney too, of course... what else could we expect? She has more attitude than you can probably imagine, but I love it and I love her honesty! If you want good opinions while shopping, take the 4 year old with you. We all went to the mall on Sunday and I pulled a shirt off the rack that had a picture of the beatles with "Let it be" written on it. Sydney promptly told me "It's not the best" so back on the shelf went that shirt... I would have still worn it but she didn't approve at all;)

Rach, Kate and I got to spend some great time together, with frequent trips to Starbucks that now has me constantly craving it. I had just gotten better with my coffee/hot chocolate addiction and now I wake up thinking about Starbucks. mmmmm! It's just a few comfy moments of the day, where it feels so so good the minute you get it in your hands.
I also was able to visit with Mom and Denny, saw my Grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousin, and a couple fabulous friends! I wish I had more time to see everyone, but I was happy for whatever time I got. Rachel did some maternity photos for me which was so fun. We went outside to this old run down barn in 8 degree weather and she handled it like a champ practically rolling around in the snow to get the shots. We then moved inside for a few more pictures, where Sydney was the assisant and very involved. I'm going to print a few of the belly shots for Henry's room, so that is one of my projects I'll start on soon. I'm very anxious to put up art and photos in his room! I miss Iowa already and miss the fam so much. The short trip was definitely worth it, although my feet disagree. On the way down I had fairly quick flights and my swelling wasn't so bad. Definitely thought I was in the clear, which was just plain silly of me. On the way back I still had nice back to back flights that got me here quickly, but one of them was about 6 hours and an hour in my feet and legs were rebelling in a big way. I have never seen them so large. I could feel them tightening up and so I'd tryto walk around, but there was no going back. It took two full days for my ankle bones to appear once again. Luckily they did, so there's hope that they aren't gone for good. But I must admit, though every body sacrifice is well worth it, I'm getting quite ready to have my legs back, to see that my body is capable of going back to normal. I know that's not one of the things you're supposed to say when you're pregnant because it isn't supposed to matter, but I also know every pregnant woman thinks it, and I think that's ok. It's amazing watching every change, but it's also a little scary giving up every part of what's normal for your body and not knowing what it will be like or if it will ever come back when the baby is here. I love being pregnant, I love watching the changes, I just am ready to see the old body (or a closeish version of it) and hold our baby. Soon enough :) I have a little foot sticking out right now, Henry seems very content in there so that makes me feel good.
Eric and I are busy preparing for the big days ahead, which seem just around the corner. I'm now just about 32 weeks, so full term in 5 more weeks... eek! I'm sure he won't be here that soon, but any time after that. We just had our second child birth class at work which is a lot of fun. I think Eric really enjoys them which makes me happy, and I know he'll be a great support during labor. We practice in class and he's wonderful, which makes me even more excited than I already am for the big day. It's hard to believe Henry will be here with us so soon. I'm getting increasingly anxious to see what he looks like, hear him, all of those normal (but HUGE!) things. I wish I could just get a glimpse at what he looks like. If only it worked that way.
Eric's subaru seems to have broken yesterday, so we have to get that into the shop, and the bills just never end. Welcome to grown up life I suppose. Eh. I have the day off today, and I am bound and determined to clean this house, so I should start before I get tired again!


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