Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday

The week is not going nearly quick enough... but what better way to pass some time then to write! I am spending this week trying to avoid the bugs and viruses that seem to be plaguing everyone around. There is a stomach bug and the flu as always, and I am just desperately trying not to get sick . Anyone who knows me well (or has even just spent time around me for one day) very likely knows how I fear the stomach flu... I am surprised I don't spend my days rocking in a corner fearing the outdoors because of the germs. I'm not a constant germaphobe, just the germs that cause the stomach bug. You can see the fear all over my over-washed hands.
Anyway, that's the goal for this week, and pretty much forever. Never get the sickness again. That's that.
I hope you're all staying healthy and avoiding it too!
We are spending our week adjusting to our new living situation as well. David and his dog Allie moved to a house across town, so Eric, Finn and I are on our own. We have just been cleaning and organizing some things, and this weekend we'll work on some house projects. Neverending house projects. I am having an extreme craving to scrub the floors, so I think I will hit the bathrooms with bleach this weekend, pick a paint color for the 3rd bedroom, and hopefully one of these days rent a rug doctor to take care of all of the carpets upstairs. That is one thing on the must do before baby list. And let me tell you, baby is coming soon.
32 and a half weeks now, so we are full term in 4 and a half weeks. Yes, I'm now counting half weeks because every single moment counts! In a few minutes, we'll be that much closer.
Hard to believe it's February, and I can now say we are having a baby next month. Next month?!? I hardly know how that happened, but I know that I'm so thankful it's that soon. There is a ton to get done before then, and I'm sure as I grow huger and more uncomfortable and anxious the time will slow down, but next month is really not so far away.
I have made a mighty lengthy list of things to do/get before he arrives, that looks a tad overwhelming. I remind myself and Eric though that it's really not an overwhelming list, I'm just a good list maker and include even the tiniest details so it just looks longer. My new symptom of the week has been hot flashes. Lovely. I open the window to let the freezing cold air in while I'm sleeping, and periodically through the day I just get red and start sweating. It's a good thing I'm living in Alaska and pregnant during the winter I guess.
We had our 3rd child birth class last night, and I have discovered that I'm terrible at visualization. I don't know if it's because I'm at work and I was distracted by looking down the hall at my coworkers going back and forth from the birth center, or if my thoughts wander just too quickly. I cannot picture myself on a beach sipping frozen drinks relaxing on a normal night, so I'm a bit worried since I probably won't have an easier time while in labor. On to the next relaxation method I suppose!

I have run out of the wonderful hot fudge that made every night so great, so I've been a bit bummed about that. Hopefully mom will be sending more soon, because until then dessert is just not nearly as exciting. If hot fudge (or lack of) is the most of my concerns, then I would say we are doing pretty well :)

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