Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't shove your feet where they don't fit...

That's my advice for the week. Some brilliant and not so brilliant things took place at work this week. Maybe not exciting to anyone else, but surely exciting for me so I think I'll share! As I think I've made clear, getting dressed in the morning is becoming more difficult, more frustrating, and yes. It can create very grumpy moods and perhaps bring on a tear or two. Well I decided I just couldn't handle finding some ugly pair of maternity pants that I wear to work, and wasn't in the mood to squeeze myself into some ill-fitting non maternity outfit. Just one of those mornings where I couldn't deal with it. I decided to be daring and sport my prana yoga pants to work, hoping no one would notice if I wore a really cute tunic with it. So on went the brown pranas. I figured that if I was going to wear yoga pants, I should try to step it up a notch and wear better shoes than the duck-like birkenstocks I've been sporting the last month because of swollen feet. I thought what the heck, one day of the danskos won't hurt. WRONG. Let me say it again, do not shove your feet into places (such as shoes) that they don't fit into. They hurt to put on to begin with, so I suppose that should have been my first sign that I shouldn't wear them. But who listens to that rational little voice? I wore them anyway. And by the time I got to work I had elephantitis of the foot which made for a very uncomfortable day. So that's the not so brilliant part, but the good news is that I couldn't keep the secret about my yoga pants so the moment I got to the office I went running up front to tell everyone "I wore yoga pants to work, don't judge me!!!!" and they all said they never would have known and that it was fine that I was wearing them. Great news, I have them in black too so we'll see if they ever catch me in work pants again. I do believe I was told by one of the midwives that I could start wearing slippers to work at 36 weeks. I have nice black wool slippers so you wouldn't be able to tell... but that seems like I may be pushing it a step too far. I'll at least keep wearing real shoes. I'm excited for some day soon when my feet fit into normal shoes again and I can pick whatever I want to wear.

Yesterday I enjoyed a productive day, of sweeping the floor that was dirty approximately .03 seconds after I finished cleaning. I then took off for a few hours of errands which I was proud of. I got shelves for Henry's room, some frames for his room, and some makeup. (Maybe that part wasn't productive per se, but it felt good). Today I got up early and went to aqua aerobics which felt lovely as always. Afterwards I rush to Starbucks and then head to work where we are taking our next childbirth class. I was almost to work today, and the 20 ounce coffee I was bringing to Eric decided at a red light (out of no where) to just topple off and fall all over my lap. Of course. Why wouldn't a huge burning hot coffee just fling from no where and land directly on my leg? It was drenched, smelled like stale coffee almost immediately and made a gross little pool on the bottom of my car. Eric and I decided since the sun was out and bright, we would enjoy the last hour before it went down so we headed to the beach near our house. It is deep with snow and a very interesting slushy texture where the saltwater has frozen. We walked along while the wind intensely smacked us in the face. It was hugely entertaining, and although freezing and hard to walk it was fun to be somewhere different and watch the sunset. Finn had a grand ole time too. We were wishing we had brought the camera, so if the sun shines tomorrow we will bring the camera there and take some photos.
It hit us on the drive, that these are the last few weeks of being pregnant with our first baby, and we need to get out and capture the moments! Tomorrow we have maternity photos at our house, but we want to capture just daily life in the last few weeks with this little one on the inside. I say it every time I write, but it's just wild that he's going to be here so soon. In a way it feels like I've been pregnant for so long and we are anxiously waiting for him to be here, but at the same time we wonder how I could possibly be this far already, and how could he possibly be here in as little as 2ish weeks?!
I don't think he'll be here that soon, but that is when we're "legal". This tyke will be fully baked at 37 weeks and we are safe to go into labor and deliver at the birth center any time after that. TWO WEEKS. How did that happen? It's just wild.
I have been chatting with Henry this week, telling him how I'll take care of him and do anything he needs. I am also asking that he comes in his own unique way but is kind to his Momma. I really want him to come at the birth center, and I want it to be a good experience. I'm so very confident in it happening, and I have vowed to do my part so I hope he does his and we can work together. I can think of nothing other than seeing him and meeting him. I'm craving it so badly.

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."
-Eda J. Le Shan

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