Saturday, February 5, 2011

2 blogs in one day, that's right...

I'm not entirely sure if this means I'm productive and awesome for writing twice in one day, or if it seems I have no life.
But the following must be shared:
Something has happend to my husband. We got home from some errands tonight (he was kind enough to come to the birth center to clean with me... by clean I mean sit on the couch and watch bike videos, keeping me company while I clean) but when we got home the cleaning bug got him. Quick tell me now, how do I make this happen more often!?
It's so lovely, I sit here blogging and he is running around the house purging junk and papers we don't need, arranging frames, DUSTING!! He even requested I turn off the computer screen so that he could see the dust he was wiping away. I didn't ask, I didn't drag him by his hair, he's just doing it. I think because we are having people over tomorrow but if there is some way to get him to do this on any regular day-- sign me up! Me running around cleaning is not motivation enough, so maybe I should record the superbowl and play it a couple of times a week to try to inspire this motivation again. Maybe that would work?
A+ for great husbands yea?

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