Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Many a Thought

I keep having a craving to write, and then the day goes to quickly and the next is here before I get a chance. So now here I am with plenty of thoughts to share, and wouldn't it be nice if it was delivered in some sort of organized fashion? Well, I can't promise that will happen, and in fact can almost assure that it won't, but oh well I'm sharing anyway.

I'll start with recent news. Tonight Eric and I had our last basic childbirth class. We have been going and enjoying it for 5 weeks and it's hard to believe we're done! Last Saturday we started another class called birthing from within, which is very different and I think a really great experience for us. All of the classes have kept us busy, along with visits to meet our pediatrician, prenatal visits, errands for home improvements and baby things, etc. We can hardly keep up but it's nice to have the weeks go fairly quickly. Last weekend Eric worked on the flooring, finishing up the edging which is wonderful. This weekend he'll finish that as well as change the lights in the upstairs bedrooms. Our poor pup Finn had a rough night on Saturday. Something happened to him in the back yard while he was out there with some other dogs and he came in with a deep gash in his side. Eric and I took him to the pet emergency center to have it looked at and they decided to give him a sedative and fix it up. They cleaned it out and put 5 staples in, and sent us on our way with painkillers and antibiotics. He was so so very out of it for the first night, he whined all night long so we were up most of the night with him. He was very confused from the meds. He's doing much better now, we are just laying low until his staples get taken out. He'll be so anxious to get back out and be active!

I had a bit of a painting disaster, but I painted none the less and therefore I think I was useful. Our kitchen has been this apple like green for the past year and a half... It was a very harsh, bright, yellowy green and although it was definitely a pop of color it was not the color we were hoping for. We wanted more of a blue/green, peaceful color. So we went and got paint, the swatch was perfect, the little sample was perfect... the paint? Not so perfect! I got the entire kitchen taped, started painting, stood on the counters trying to reach up to the ceiling (pretty impressive I think!) and the kitchen? Well, it's blue now. BLUE. Not peaceful green blue, just blue. At first I was extremely disappointed thinking we had a baby blue kitchen, but it's more of a gray/blue. It's calmer than the last color, but it's too cool now, and leaving us equally eager to repaint. So there is a bit of a disappointment. Before trying again, I'm going to get the upstairs bedroom painted and turned back into a bedroom before all of the parents get here next month! I'm actually really excited to work on the room. I should work on our room too but for some reason I just have no idea how to turn it into the vision in my head. This is what I have in mind, though I'm so so very bad at transferring ideas to reality in this way.

In the world of pregnancy, things are going well, but are always changing. I have noticed significant changes in the last week. For one, I'm looking noticably rounder, and I certainly feel it. When people ask me what it feels like to have a belly like this, I always reply that it feels surprisingly natural. Just a natural, comfortable extension of my body. This week it feels like more of an adjustment. I find it considerably heavier, and it feels more uncomfortable to walk around. It's official, I am huge. I have noticed my hips and low back finally starting to hurt again ( I had so enjoyed the break from that) and I feel the little love moving in different ways. In the last few nights he has started something new. When I sleep or rest on one side, he squirms and pokes at the side that is flat against the bed. If I turn to the other side thinking oh he doesn't want that side squished, he just starts doing it on that side as well. Odd sensation to get used to. I feel lucky for every movement of his that I feel though, so I remind myself of that.

Speaking of things I'm lucky for, I have been spending some time reminding myself of the things I'm thankful for during the end of this pregnancy. I have had such a smooth pregnancy, and a very very calm baby. I have never felt pain while he's moving. Discomfort here and there, but I love the way the movements feel, and I always smile when I feel him because while he kicks here and there, most of his movements are slow fluid stretches and rolling, and I love them. A most WONDERFUL husband, who has been beyond wonderful from the very instant I told him I was pregnant. I could never be more thankful for that. We are so so anxious to meet this little guy now. The anticipation is just really hard but so exciting.

I've had some funny obsessions recently, and I don't know if it is just that I'm really enjoying finding some time to do things I'm into, or if it's the pregnancy or a need for distraction or what. But things that currently make me tick:

BLOGS. I. Am. Obsessed. I have a number of them that I read every day, and I could spend hours doing it if I had the hours to do so. I just keep telling myself soon I won't have much time for them, so I might as well do them now. There are so so many blogs that I connect with, and it feels like I'm with company talking about something I'm into when I read them. I also love writing on this one. It's a nice outlet. I follow some pregnancy blogs, parenting, photography, cooking, some writers who are into all of those things, some who do artwork and sell on Etsy... which leads me to:

Etsy.com. Pretty sure I've mentioned my tendency to surf around this incredible website before. They have the most amazing selection of shops and hand made crafts I just could never describe it. So best thing would be to go take a look :)



Home improvements.

Oatmeal with banana and agave nectar. (with some milk)

Bananas in general.


Fruit in a can. (This has started in the last week and a half. Something is oddly appealing about fruit from a can unfortunately, and I'm hopeless against it. It started with one night when I had this desperate need for canned pears. Not sure I've ever eaten canned pears but I tell ya, I sure do now!)

Drive through coffee shops. (Delicious and also reminds me of chatting with my sisters, which is another thing I have been doing a lot of. Nothing beats sitting in a coffee shop, but driving through and having one on the go is fun in another way.)

Broccoli, Tofu, Sesame Oil on top of whole wheat angel hair. (Not sure why, as I make this in the most bland and boring way, but I want it every single day. I can't explain it, I just go with it. Yum.)

Pixiwoo. These sisters are makeup artists who do online tutorials, and although I'm not into extravagent makeup, I still enjoy it and have fun with it and even though I use nothing that these women show, I still have so much fun watching the tutorials. Weird, I know.

All things baby. Naturally. I daydream all the time now, wondering what he looks like, imagining our days together, thinking of things I'd like to get or make for him. I can't wait to hold him, to smell him, kiss his little cheeks and get to know him. Not much longer.

I'll write again this week, hopefully a more clear minded post. I'm exhausted today, hence the randomness that was this post. I'm off to re-heat my neck wrap for my back. It's wonderful.

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