Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Monday

Another sleepy week has started, this time with me sleeping through my alarm. Hopefully I don't make a habit of that! Our nights have been late, which I suppose we should get used to. Tonight I have more motivation to get things done and hop into bed at a good hour. My body is tired.
Being productive tonight means stopping at the store on the way home, driving back to work because I can't be without my water bottle and I forgot it. Getting home, cooking dinner, watching our shows while relaxing for a bit, and then cooking round 2 so that I have lunch for the rest of the week. I have managed to accomplish those things, although of course I had hoped to fold laundry, scrub floors etc. I have unloaded and loaded the dishwasher twice, so that's something, right?
Our house smells of sesame which makes me very excited for lunch. I've been meaning to make my broccoli/tofu for a few days and it's finally happened.
The weekend ended in a nice way for us-- we decided yesterday evening after a nap that we wanted to go out and do something together. After all, we only have a couple more weeks to be just the two of us--and it'll never be the two of us again. In two weeks Eric's parents get here, followed by our SON, followed by my Mom and Den... So very exciting, but that gives us two weeks to get some dates in. Eric looked up movie times and we decided we'd take off for the 8:45 showing. We get up and head out, go to the theatre and walk inside, only to find that he had mixed up the movie times and the movie we wanted to see had started at 7:25. Woopsies. So we headed back to the car and our date only went as far as the parking lot and back. Ah, the romance. At least we held hands on the 60 second walk.
Actually, we went to Blockbuster and rented the social network, and we watched it in the comfort of home with Finn boy and bowls of vanilla bean ice cream with strawberries. It's a good sign if dates at home feel just as good I think.
Eric had made a quesadilla with gree chilles in it for dinner, and I ate a slice of it... a tad spicy, but just right. Sweet baby must take after his Daddy because he was hyped up on the spice. He was so so very active and just rolling and squirming all about. He's big enough that when he moves like that he makes quite a presence... Not the small "oh I can feel the baby how sweet" movements. It's like the "holy cow he just stomped on my privates" kind of movement.
Give this boy a spicy quesadilla and watch him go!
We also had our maternity photos yesterday which I hope went well. I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like in the next few weeks. I know the puffy face was at its fullest, but perhaps it's time I embrace it because luckily it should be gone soon. The good news is I had bought a new concealer this weekend for my sleepy eyes-- and it's one I would reccommend! It's by M.A.C.--prolong wear. The woman at the counter said since I'm tired now (and I think it's safe to assume I will be for the rest of my natural life) that the long lasting concealer was the way to go. I certainly don't have the time or desire to be reapplying makeup in the middle of the day. So it's working out so far.
I wasn't feeling the best this morning at work, but luckily that resolved. A bit of time and water helped-- I think I was just exhausted. Before work I was perfectly happy, as I came downstairs to have breakfast, logged on to facebook and was greeted with new pictures Rachel had added of all the nieces/nephew at the zoo last week. Can you believe it? The ZOO in February... Iowa has the weirdest sense of humor when it comes to weather. The pictures were so precious (no surprise) and I just obsess over the pictures of Syd, Macy, True and Emerson. They are just impossibly cute. They are the tickles in my belly must show the whole world kind of cute, so you get the idea. I think everyone at work would have no problem identifying any one of these children if they saw them randomly on the street because I have showed off so many photos. It was hard to be at work because Eric had the day off, and he spent it doing things I would love to do. Yesterday was overcast, so we didn't make it back to the beach/point to walk about again. But today he was able to go take Finn to the park and then to the point for more ice walking. Essentially he got to do everything I have been craving. I was sad to be stuck inside, but am very glad they got the day to play.

Thinking of our Monday routine of dinner while watching the Bachelor kept me surprisingly excited through the day. I know I know, the Bachelor is kind of an embarassing addiction, and yes I realize it's a trashy television show. But in the interest of not hiding my shameful secrets, I love to watch it. It's just one of those things.

It's 10:10 and this mama is ready for some sleep.
I'll tell you a can't-go-wrong recipe for a good dinner before I go--
Wheel of brie cheese (I like to say round of cheese but Kate tells me it's obviously a WHEEL)
Enough said. Delicious. Gourmet. Can make it myself.

Sweet dreams to all.

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