Friday, January 14, 2011

So this is what it's like to have a brother...

Yes, I have been living with my brother in law David for the past two years, and have gotten a feel for what it's like to have a brother (which I always wanted). For the most part, I have very good things to say, but there have been plenty of moments where I am pestered like I imagine a sister would be by her brother. I am glad he reads this blog, however the other day I came home to find that David's interpretation of "please don't bring me things that taste good doused in hot fudge" or other dessert items, is apparently two huge bags of oreos. Ironically I had just come from the gym, had been doing well all day and then no sooner than my eye spots a blue bag I am ripping the plastic apart and devouring them one by one. Or handful by handful, however you choose to look at it. It was actually more like some sort of animalistic display, as if I hadn't been fed in months. I was powerless, I kept walking away, I tried drinking milk so that I would have a different taste or not be so ravenous. But then that's stupid because what goes perfectly with milk?! Oreos. Of course.
I have hidden them, but now I just walked in from the gym 5 minutes ago (and am hungry, as usual) and I am salivating unable to think of anything other than the oreos "hidden" in the cupboard. I hope I haven't developed some weird pavlovean response where every time I come home from the gym I'm going to think I am in absolute need of the blasted cookies. Well thank you David, for waking the beast within me. You will pay the price. Yet another hurdle to jump!
I refuse to eat them. Eric and I are going to go get pho for dinner, a far healthier option so maybe if I go get changed I can force him out the door before I accidentally wander toward the cupboard.
Thank you for 5 minutes of distraction from cookie goodness...

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