Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good day Sunshine, Hello moon...

Oh living in Alaska makes me appreciate the sun so much. I knew I missed it all winter, but I just can't get over how much I'm loving it's return. It's so comforting to have the sun's company when we get up in the morning, when we get off work, even into the evening now. And it only sticks around for longer as the days go on! I love it. Yesterday was a short day at work, and Eric surprised me by taking the afternoon off to spend some time together since he has had the feeling that the baby will be here this weekend(not so far...) So we met for lunch at Moose's Tooth, a very very very popular pizza place here. We were able to sit outside while waiting to get a booth and the sun just warmed us and was so nice. I loved that we were able to get outside and enjoy the sun together, have a lunch date, and it was unexpected so it was a special surprise. I had a delicious root beer while waiting, and in the picture it looks like I'm drinking regular beer. I felt like people were probably staring at me like why is the pregnant lady drinking beer? But not to worry, everyone.
When leaving I thought of how I love the feeling of climbing into my car after the sun has made it warm and smell nice... Yay for sun and small pleasures.
But on a day like today, I want to be thankful for the moon too. That's because it's SUPERMOON DAY! Tonight the full moon should be 14 % larger than usual, for the first time in about 18 years. We all know what they say about women going into labor on a full moon... There are definitely theories that just like the gravity affects the tides, it affects women near labor also since they are so full of water and have a big amniotic sac of fluid. I don't know if I believe it all or not, but people swear more women go into labor on the full moon and I'm hoping since it's not only a full moon but a supermoon, that tonight brings our baby into my arms. A girl can hope, right?
My mom told me I can go out and howl at it later, so maybe I'll consider that ;) Not really, but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if I actually tried it. If anyone hears some crazy lady howling tonight in West Anchorage, it could just be me. No big deal.
Think labor like thoughts for us, I really wanted tonight to be it. Though if there's one thing I've learned working at the birth center, it's that babies don't care about when you want them to come, and they tend to have unfortunate timing anyway. Which is fine. Tonight I'm just going to hope the moon works its magic
on us though, and hope it works any magic you may be hoping for too.

These Hips (For the Full Moon)
-Adele Brown
They carry babies to term,
cradling them beneath ilium crest
until full moons rise over tide waters,
stretch long white fingers over the dark
horizon, and pull.
Lunar gravity bears down
and spreads the bones apart.
Pelvic plates press clean
against layers of glycerol flesh.
They stretch skin
wider than the wings of
a Rorschach butterfly,
leaving offspring behind
stained in dark reds and blues
of old blood and afterbirth.
As a river mouth
makes a bed of its own sand and silt,
these hips find softness in their own refuse.

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  1. you have a wonderful writing voice. xoxo, i hope little henry blesses his presence to his loving parents tonight.


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