Friday, March 25, 2011

No news!

Seems there are wondering minds out there (along with mine) so I just thought I'd write a little update. It's not newsworthy, don't get excited.
Essentially the update is: No baby yet!
I'm a day away from our due date, and little one is tucked safe inside still. He has proven all of us wrong, since everyone was so sure he'd come early. I've been doing fine, though the wait is so difficult when I know I must be close to meeting this person. I am trying now to just go with the flow, because what else can one do, really... I'm just trying not to pay too much attention and just continue with the day to day. He'll make his presence known when it's time to come, and although I'm looking forward to it and wondering every second when it will be, I'm trying not to dwell on that. I'm on his schedule and he's making sure we all know it!
His room is looking so very put together and all it's missing is his sweet little self in there. I am planning to put pictures up but our camera is in the car ready and waiting so we can jump at any minute and not forget that important detail!
I have gone back and forth between feelings of excitement and frustration just because I am extremely extremely pregnant and very ready to have the baby, and it's just an emotional stage of it all. But for now I'm feeling at peace with where things are. Ask me again if he's not here in a few days.
I've decided to have a bit of fun with it and so I've gotten my sisters with the whole "IM IN LABOR!!!" fakeout. Tonight was the first time it worked and for some reason I took great pleasure in being able to trick them. It should hold me over until he comes since I got to hear their reactions, and that was quite fun for me. Now that I've admitted that to all of you, I can't really try it on anyone else because no one will believe me. Luckily I got my one good reaction in, so now I'm good. I decided not to play that game on Eric, because that would be just cruel. He asks me every few minutes if anything is going on, and we stay in contact while we're both at work and when he jokingly asks me if there's a baby yet, I sometimes think of making something up but then hey may freak out and be at the office in 3 minutes so that wouldn't be very nice.

I made it to 39 weeks and 5 days still wearing my wedding ring. (Engagement ring had to come off a few months ago) However, today I took it off. No easy task, I came just short of ripping off my entire finger, but instead, the finger (though swollen) still stands and the ring is off until Henry comes and the copious amounts of fluid leave me.
I'm more than likely done working for now, as I'm a.) hoping to have a baby before the work week comes again and b.) my mom and stepdad come tomorrow (!!) and so if there is no baby I will still be spending my time with them. Hard to believe I will have family in Alaska tomorrow, this is my first family visit and I'm extremely excited! Of course I hoped to be able to greet them with a baby, but that bit shall come soon... one would think.

Henry is doing well, just calm in there, hanging out, perhaps holding on for dear life. Who really knows what he's doing. He is sounding good and strong, is nice and low, and seems to be a solid little babe. They are guessing we are nearing about 8 and a half pounds right now, so any day would be just fine in my opinion.

Today has been a very sleepy day, though I got out this morning for a bit of shopping and a lunch date, 10 minute power nap and a walk through the park. Tomorrow I'm hoping to clean the house. Or have a baby. Whatever works, like I said, I'm not going to dwell because I know I'm not in control. I am however, in control of house cleaning projects, and that must be done. In fact I was thinking I should go put my feet up but now that it's been mentioned sweeping the floors is sounding awfully appealing.

That's my scattered update for you. We are just busy waiting, spending time with Eric's family, awaiting the arrival of mine, and going about our daily business.
Until next time!

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