Saturday, May 28, 2011

What is this?

Am I actually blogging? It's been so long and here I am with a few minutes to actually write. Happy dance.
Amazing how fast the minutes in my world go these days. I try so hard to grip each one, but still the moments fly by. They are wonderful moments, though.
Days in our lives right now are fairly simple, but beautiful. I soak up time with Henry, admiring his changes and his perfectly sweet, evolving personality. He makes me smile and laugh so much right now as he becomes more and more interactive each day. I am back to work part time, and I am SO lucky that he is able to come to work with me. However, this is a balance I feel will take some time to adjust to. I'm trying to do my job as a Mama, as well as my job at work... and I haven't figured out how they go hand in hand yet. There are productive days, and there are days that are, not as much... Unless standing up and sitting down only to stand right back up again to avoid tears, changing diapers and
nursing countless times counts as a productive day at work.
Henry is like a whole new baby these days. I cannot believe how fast they change. He is so long, solid, and filled out. His big eyes are brighter and even more aware, each one with a brown spot in them so we know he'll have brown eyes. His thighs are perfectly pudgy, and he has learned to lock eyes with us with a big gummy grin following. His smile melts us. He knows where to find my eyes while nursing,
and he goes back and forth between staring off, and looking right up at my eyes, which I love. This past week he has started cooing a lot more, making some of the most fun noises I've ever heard. His voice is my favorite, and I love having "conversations" with him throughout the day. He listens to my voice, smiles, coos back, and we go back and forth. His little shoulders rise when his smile stretches across his face. His hair that was pretty sparse on top is coming in quickly, and it's entirely fuzzy and wonderful. He has started spending time on a mat on the floor with the toys that hang over head and he kicks his legs like a frog, waves his arms around and talks to the toys hanging over him.
To sum it up, we are loving this boy SO fully.
We took our first family vacation this month, which was a big adventure with a newborn. We flew to Iowa, spent a few days there, drove to South Carolina and back, and flew back to Alaska. He was a perfect plane traveler... silent the whole time. The car is the bit I was nervous about, seeing as he generally doesn't like spending much time in the carseat. He was great though, considering how many days he wa
s stuck in it. He was great the first day, and the next was a bit
more frustrating for him. We made frequent stops at rest stops and in parking lots to feed him, change him, let him stretch, feel the fresh air... and we would stretch and chat on a blanket in the grass. By the end of the trip he was very ready to be done in the carseat, and we were equally ready for that, but we made
it. In Iowa we spent time with our families and had such fun. My sisters threw a party for us so friends and family could come meet our little H, and it was perfect. It was so hard to say goodbye. In South Carolina we spent time with my wonderful friend Kelsea, as she got married on the beach. It was beautiful, and it felt so good to be somewhere so different. Eric and I chatted along the drive, and I told him how much I miss being able to drive state to state watching everything change so much as we cross each one. I'll look forward to being able to do that again some day when we are living somewhere else. At the end of all of this, the traveling, the stimulation, the new timezones and new things to see, Henry was exhausted and I think a bit thrown off. It has been good to be back home and get him back to a routine... or at least as close to a routine as an 8
week old can be. It's hard to believe he's already 8 weeks... in fact, it's still a little hard to believe I'm not pregnant! I had gotten so used to that, I still fid myself surprised occasionally when I remember that I'm not anymore.

Spring/summer (It's pretty much one season in Alaska) is in full swing up here. When we came back last week, we were
welcomed by lush green trees, buds appearing, and sun that stays with us well into the night. I know we will need to buy blackout shades to help Henry sleep and such, but I have always loved the sun's constant company. I like going to bed with the sun still shining, and I love that it's there when we wake up. I don't have to turn lights on, I just reach behind my head and scootch the curtains over and voila, the room is bright as ever-- perfect for morning conversations in bed with my little guy.
And with this sun's help, I'm giving the gardening another go. I think I mentioned last time how we planted (who could be sure though, I can't even remember the last time I wrote!) the vegetables, and I'm working hard to take care of the little sprouts. Unfortunately, I've always had a talent for killing plants or somehow hindering their growth, when all I try is to accomplish the opposite.
Last year, I had lettuce and broccoli that was doing really well, but after I got pregnant and wasn't feeling well, instead of caring for the plants I chose a life of lounging on the couch watching the plants overgrow and then shrivel out the window for the following few weeks.
Now our soil seems to be plotting the death of my vegetables, but I won't let them go without a fight. Henry and I walk out there each morning, and sometimes afternoon to water them. I explain what is growing and take note of anything that is making progress. Unfortunately, right now that's not much. My peas have popped up, and carrots, and a few other things, but they are tiny still, and there are plenty of empty patches where I know seeds hide beneath. We think maybe the soil is too woody, or the pH is off or something. Either way, I'm bummed. Our herb garden inside however, is beautiful... The basil is taking off, oregano is sprouting, dill, etc. They look so healthy, and each day are noticeably bigger.
Speaking of that, I think I'll walk outside and take a look. It's lightly raining so my job may be done, but I still want to see them.
It feels good to be back, friends...

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