Friday, April 22, 2011

It's humbling, really...

days like these, where you think you have everything together and then breastfeeding takes a temporary turn for the worse, you have an emotional breakdown, don't get a chance to shower or brush your hair (not the end of the world, really), end up an hour late for the one thing you were trying to get to, accidentally let baby pee hit the wall while he cries and have to start over again, forget to eat a meal...
Today was one of those days where I was overwhelmed with feelings of maternal incompetence. Those feelings battled with my better judgment where I know to not beat myself up for a rough night, or to take my little boy's cries personally. But today, when frustration has nearly peaked, my little H nurses perfectly, and falls asleep on my chest with his perfectly pouty lips gaping open letting out little sighs of relaxation. I decide to ignore the sweeping that needs to be done, the laundry that needs to be folded (what's one more day, right?) to enjoy the warmth of him against me, and to
drift of
f together into a much more peaceful, restful moment (or in our case, 2 hours). And on a day l
ike tod
ay, I'm comforted by a wonderful husband who comes home with arms full of groceries,
and knowing that it's Friday and we get to spend the next two days as a family.
He brought home w
ith him, a little box with beautiful earrings as an early Mother's Day/ Rough day gift, along with a big hug, and as I was rinsing dinner ingredients off of my hands I noticed that my fingers looked different. I ran upstairs immediately and.... BOTH OF MY RINGS SLID RIGHT ON. I haven't worn one of them since I was 6 months pregnant, and today they are back and making me smile. Hubby is home, the little boy who wouldn't poop all day is sound asleep next to me and just filled the diaper, dinner is nearly done, and I am a very lucky woman.
There will be more days like these, there will be worse days, but right now...
life is wonderful.

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