Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Words From Henry

This morning after Henry called my name (quite loudly) to let me know he was awake, I went into his bedroom, opened the blinds and snuggled next to him in bed for a few minutes.  I like to hear all the things he has to say first thing in the morning, just as I like to chat for a few minutes at night when he goes to bed.  He's always full of funny little thoughts and big stories.  He reached to his side pulling up a doll that he took to bed and said:
Henry: "Baby awake. Baby milk"
Me: "Baby's hungry?"
Henry: "Baby eat Mommy's breast"
And he proceeded to hold the doll's face up to my shirt for me to "nurse".

Ha! I love this boy.  He really loves to talk about the baby, and how she'll come out and have milk. Earlier in the pregnancy he was always confused about which area was responsible for which job, he would try to say hi to baby on my chest, and say she would drink milk from my belly, but he's got it all figured out now.
I've been "nursing" this doll pretty much all day.

*Also? I'm just as tired of the blurry iphone photos as you probably all are.  But the camera charger is still yet to be found.  One of the many joys of packing and moving I guess!

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