Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Greens And Things

Happy May to you!
I cannot believe May is already here, and boy am I glad that it is.  I am all kinds of excited today because May is the last stop before the month we are due, because the sun came back out today to celebrate the changing of the month, and because Henry and I started a new challenge today!
One of my sisters signed up for a 30 days of greens challenge through The Unconventional Kitchen, in the form of smoothies.  I decided immediately that Henry and I would sign up too, because why on earth not?  We love smoothies, we love healthy food, greens, etc. Sounds pretty perfect to me.  Greens are a regular part of our diet around here, as are a lot of the other ingredients in her recipes, but I absolutely love this challenge because it combines all of this goodness in tasty smoothie recipes that I wouldn't normally think of. I tend to stick to similar "recipes" and I am truly excited to experiment a bit more this month.  While Eric and I are good about eating a lot of kale and other good things, Henry isn't always up for mouthfuls of things like spinach and others that I'd like him to eat.  He's a good eater, but I can just hear the fit now if I tried to get him to eat a bite of swiss chard.  Not happening.  He will eat anything in a smoothie though, and helping to make them is a great activity for toddlers.  He was so excited about making a "smoogie" all morning that he just about lost it in the checkout line of Costco in a fit of toddler rage since we weren't done buying the ingredients yet.  We made the first recipe in the challenge and he downed his in a few short minutes! He came back hunting for mine too, so day 1 was a success.  I don't know quite what it is, but something has me really excited about this.  Maybe just because it's called a challenge, or because I'm excited to see how we feel after 30 days of extra healthy goods, but I am eagerly waiting to get to each smoothie.  I'm thrilled to be able to give Henry all of those nutrients, and I think a part of me is excited too because this is very likely the last time I'll be growing a tiny human inside of my body, and what better way to wrap up a pregnancy than to load us both up with superfoods? It makes me happy to think of giving her that each day.  I would be happy to get any boost of extra energy that this might provide, too. :) It's not too late to sign up if you want to join in, and it is made so easy! Moments after signing up there was a grocery list in my inbox, and the first recipe followed soon after.  There are also helpful hints on what to freeze, or keep fresh, when to prepare ingredients, etc.  All little tips on making life a bit easier are greatly appreciated, yeah?  Anyway, if you decide to join, we'd love to follow along and hear how you're loving it!
Here's to the month of May being a healthy, happy one!
Nearly the blurriest photo ever, but not bad for a shattered phone. 


  1. I found you blog awhile ago and followed but for some reason it wasn't coming up on bloglovin. Well yesterday I got a burp of several hundred posts so I must have reset it somehow. So now I've found you again! Anyways, I'm also on the green challenge and love it! I'm your neighbor over there in the Yukon. And congrats on the baby growing! :)

  2. Thanks so much for finding us again! Glad to have you following along :) I fell off the smoothie wagon for a few days and started again this morning. I missed it so much, and was very happy to be back!!


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