Monday, April 29, 2013

32 Week Update

Yikes! I'm already a bit past 32 weeks and it's been longer than I had hoped since I have documented a thing.  Crazy schedules and a complete change in routine will cause that, I suppose.  If you follow me on Instagram (@grownorth) you've seen some updates then.  I absolutely must get better here, because this pregnancy is not long from over! I'm due in 7 weeks (what??!?) and term in 4ish. I don't know how that happened.  It feels like the pregnancy has gone quickly, but at the same time I am so looking forward to being done.
My belly is growing steadily, but changes a lot more than it did last time.  Some days I feel smaller and way more compact, and others I feel enormous.  It all depends on where she is sitting, I suppose! I have gained about the same amount of weight, even a few pounds more which is a little shocking since I look smaller all around.   I'm not sure where it's all going, but it's not overly surprising since I gained a lot last time also.  I'm beyond thankful for the fact that I'm not swollen yet like I was with Henry.  I thought it was all over last week, when my legs swelled up after a few particularly long work days/births.  But somehow it went down and I'm left with just the regular end-of-the-day swollen ankles.  I can deal with that. I literally could have popped at this stage two years ago had you stuck a pin in my leg. Or face, or hands, or wrists, etc.  I know it could hit at any moment but I'm truly thanking my lucky stars for each day of regular swelling.  It was by far the very most difficult part for me last time, as the rest of the pregnancy was wonderful.
Baby's movements have become big and strong, and we all love watching her roll and stick various parts out.  I get the biggest movements in the evenings, and after I've eaten apples.
I am still sleeping pretty well, and have only now just started to need a pillow between my legs to get comfortable.  Sometimes I roll onto my back while I sleep and wake up feeling like I can't breathe, but I remember those feelings from last time so I just roll over and try again.  Eric is a big fan of me staying on my side, because I snore when I'm big and pregnant if I get on my back.  Charming, no?
I had planned on doing a "things I'm into" post since I haven't this pregnancy, but I think I'll just add it in here!

Things I'm currently into:

~melon. the addiction is strong, friends.  I have eaten so many mini melons it's strange that I'm not pink or orange in the face.  I'm constantly chopping little watermelons and canteloupes and polishing them off the same day.  I feel a similar urge to eat grapes coming on.  So basically any watery fruit. I think it's nature's friendly, delicious way of helping me flush fluid from my system and not swell.  At least that's how I choose to think about it every time I indulge in another one.
~sparkly water. Both times I've been pregnant I have craved soda.  It was worse with Henry, and more intense earlier in the pregnancy this time.  I haven't had one in a few months because I've switched over to La Croix sparkling water.  I like the little bit of citrus and the bubbles are good to satisfy the craving. Some days I mix it with a teensy bit of juice and completely fake myself out.
~fruity sorbet/frozen yogurt. As I write it out I realize I have a fruit addiction with this little lady. I still eat vegetables, I promise!  Mango frozen yogurt (it's always been a favorite) and peach popsicles are my lovers.
~apples. I must have one every single day.
~crispex. Weird, right? It started at about 12 weeks that all I could think of was eating a bowl of crispex with agave nectar.  It's died down a lot, but I still have one occasionally and find it every bit as delicious.
~breakfast food. I'm not really that into breakfast food usually, so it's been funny.  I still eat a good breakfast almost daily, either plain greek yogurt or steel cut oats with strawberries, bananas, chia seeds, and agave.  But I get so excited for it which is funny. I also have been loving the idea of pancakes and waffles more than ever, which is never ever something I crave. I keep it to a once a week type of thing, that's been Eric's new job on Saturday mornings.
That's all I can think of for now!  I have been lucky to not have food aversions this time, so my diet is staying fairly normal, with the obvious jump in fruity deliciousness.
We have really not prepared for this little one at all still, which is a tad stressful.  We are starting though, and so hopefully it comes together quickly! I know we have time, but I have seen how fast the weeks have been going so really it's not much time at all.  Time to get cracking!
We are in the middle of a middle name debate, but she has had a first name since long before we were pregnant.  I was completely spoiled two weeks ago by the very best ultrasound place.  I asked for a quick picture of her face since I hadn't gotten clear ones before, but the tech did a full scan for me and it was beyond amazing. I had never seen Henry this far along, and seeing her like a full on tiny newborn in there was unreal.  I could see her eyes open, sucking on fingers, yawning, etc.  Truly incredible and every time I look at the pictures I get increasingly anxious to hold her little body in my arms and kiss her big full cheeks and lips.  She looks different than Henry, and I think will be bigger... but they share the same full lips and wide nose. We are too excited to meet her! It still feels a little unreal that she's coming and she's ours. But I am hoping that getting her things together will help it sink in a little, and if not... well then it will surely sink in 7ish weeks from now! Hard to believe.

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