Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Internet! Pod! Work! Couch!
So much to be excited about right now.  While the cord to my laptop is still very much broken, our pod arrived to our house yesterday (early!) so we were able to hook up our desktop computer tonight.  I feel so happy to have the option to be connected.  While a break is always nice, so is the option to get online, and I would say two weeks with zero computer activity was far too long.
I feel like there has been so much that I have missed now, that it will be hard to go back and write it all down.  Many of the feelings are still fresh, but so much has been crammed into the past two weeks that it just feels overwhelming.  I still haven't documented a tidbit about Henry's second birthday, the move, our new place, etc.  I'll get there.  For myself, I want to write it all down because it's all been a huge change.  But I can easily say, we are surprisingly happy right now.  This condo we are in felt like home from the moment we walked in, and with each thing we unpack it's feeling more and more that way.  Overall it's still quite empty; there is a lot of work to be done.  But there's a lot of room for creativity here, and we're looking forward to working with it and making it our own.  The biggest addition so far took place yesterday when it went from basically empty space to cozy with the purchase of our new sectional/ottoman.  It sounds like such a funny thing to be so excited for, but we've never bought new furniture together, and it is so clean and comfy and sure beats flopping around on a bed of sleeping bags at 7 months pregnant while we try to watch a movie together. We are feeling oh so grown up with this purchase ;) I think this is all feeding my nesting urge, as every single item must be wiped down before being unpacked.  I just desperately want things clean and bright and comfy, and I am sure it's greatly due to the little ones in my life and trying to be settled. I may or may not have already taken the vacuum to the couch because I saw a few dog hairs on it.  Maybe I'll relax a bit in June after I have the baby?
Our big two year old is happy too. He talks about family back home, but we have been keeping him so busy that the poor boy is thoroughly exhausted every single day.  I know he's having a blast, but I think getting into our routine will be helpful for him.  His room needs a ton of work, and is one of the spaces I am most anxious to get working on.  He will be sharing with the babe, so there is a lot to be done!  One big change with him, speaking of his room, is that he's suddenly in a big boy bed.  We had planned on putting him in his crib for another month or so to help with the adjustment... But we were then told the pod would take quite a bit longer to come and we couldn't have him in our bed for a month.  He doesn't sleep that well with us, and we just felt like it would be confusing.  So onto a twin mattress he went, and he took to it immediately!  So now the crib is here, but we won't be putting him back into it.  He's happy in his bigger bed, and he was proud to choose his own sheets for it.  He excitedly picked "dozer" sheets (bulldozers) which were far from the decorative plans I had been working on.  I felt like it was more important he just like what he got, and that he had fun making the decision.
I started work back at the clinic today, which was wonderful.  I had a birth Friday night which was equally so.  Henry had a great time playing with Eric's family, and I was smothered with hugs and kisses and cuddles when I came to get him this afternoon.  He wasn't sad, but he wanted to talk about "Mommy working" quite a bit and just hug the whole time.  So incredibly sweet.
I've crammed enough into one random post I think, so I'm off for now.  More detail later, and hopefully delivered with a bit of organization next time.  We'll see!

Henry loves having a zoo here! It cracks me up, that over half the animals there you could see when you walk out the front door. But there are lots of neat ones to look at!
Henry and his best bud Brody, thinking they are "farmers" in these cute hats. 
I haven't forgotten about you in there, sweet girl.  Just haven't had a chance to write about the pregnancy in a while.  Will update soon! This is at 29 weeks, heading to a friend's blessingway ceremony.  

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  1. the couch is awesome! I love it!! the "zoo" cracks me up too- "oh look, honey, a squirrel!" ;)


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