Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Still Here!

It would seem that I've disappeared, but I'm here!  It has been beyond a wild week, but we are here safe and sound in Alaska.   We are just trying to keep up with the days, and we will be working on filling the house and settling in soon.  Unfortunately our pod isn't supposed to come for quite a few weeks, so it might be bare bones for a bit longer.  On the plus side, we are loving our new place.  The condo, the neighborhood, all of it.  I have had so many things to write about here, but the power cord of my laptop is broken, and I was sent the wrong part which is an enormous bummer!  As soon as I have the correct one, we will be up and rolling.  We have lots to catch up on, the move, the pregnancy, Henry's 2nd birthday (!!), and I can't wait to share it all.  I have missed this greatly.
We are happy and having a great time though.  Eric is back to work, and Henry and I are running around like crazy with so much to do, and loving every bit of it.  We have been late to nap and bed every single day which isn't ideal, but it's because we've been enjoying every bit of our days so I cannot complain about that.  I start work on Monday, so back to routine soon.  I'm both enjoying the wild that has been the last few days, and also looking forward to settling in.
Chat soon, friends. 

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