Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I missed the memo that today was siblings day, but I'm glad I learned because I love an excuse to talk about mine!  I'm lucky enough to have three fabulous sisters. And though we are all way too far apart in physical distance, I carry them close with me always.  They make me laugh the hardest, occasionally infuriate me the most, and give me the most fun memories.  They are without a doubt my very favorite people to talk to, and I essentially hound them with calls day in and day out, even when I have nothing to say at  all.  That's the beauty of a sister, they're wonderful no matter what.  Even if I just want to call for the third time that day and just know they're on the other line.

I stole this photo from one of the sisters, she did all the work for me!
I look half asleep, but this is the most recent photo of us taken last month when we were all in the same town.
And because it's sibling day, the newest siblings in our little family... already a lot of love there.

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