Friday, September 30, 2011

To my little love Henry...

You are 6 months old today. Half a year old. I just cannot believe you've been in this great big world that long, but at the same time it seems like you've always been here. Getting to know you over the past 6 months has been the absolute most wonderful thing in our lives; you have the most amazing personality in the world. I melt over every single one of your huge gummy smiles, every time you reach out to me, each and every giggle, each sloppy (very, very sloppy) kiss, all the happy squeels, and whenever you look up at me with your big brown eyes. They are getting more and more brown all the time, which I love.
You have a goofy sense of humor like your Daddy and I... grabbing our arms while we try to change your diaper and giggling over it... Spitting and blowing raspberries, bouncing for what feels like hours on end, you truely have the brightest spirit and we love you for it.
To really prove what a big guy you are on your half birthday, you woke up with a little white spot and tiny hole on your bottom gums. How can you already be growing teeth? It seems like you were just born weeks ago.  I'm so proud of how big and healthy you are and how you're growing up... but like most mamas I'm sure, it's hard to see you grow so quickly.  It's the most bittersweet thing.  I want nothing more than for you to grow and change and just be the happiest little boy, but I will miss every passing stage because they just go so quickly. It's hard to fully savor every moment when they fly right by in front of you. But my goodness we sure try!
You're just over 17 pounds, and you're so long and lean.  You learned to sit up 2 weeks ago, and you desperately want to learn to stand  so that it's easier to get into every single thing. You're a curious boy. I feel that after 6 months, you change into a "big baby".  You're starting to eat food and you'll soon be moving around on your own and getting into things that interest you. We'll start to hear you talk in just a matter of months. Your little gums will be replaced with a toothy grin. It's incredible, really, and we're so excited to see all of these big steps you're going to take. No matter how busy you are though, please take time to cuddle your mommy. :)
We love you, sweet baby. It is the most special role in the world, being your Mama.
The one who first met your sweet self, 6 months ago today...


  1. This almost made me tear up! what a great note to your son and something he can have and cherish the rest of his life. He's very lucky to have such a wonderful mama and I can't wait to hear more about his life and your bond as he grows up. You make me so excited to one day have a special little one in my life and I thank YOU for that. I love you!

  2. My gosh he's just so scrumptious!! It is hard to watch them grow but it just means your doing an amazing job!!


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