Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teensy update about the big guy

You've all probably heard enough about the fact that our big boy is SIX MONTHS OLD!
(Yes, it's absolutely necessary to use that enthusiasm every.single.time. I say SIX MONTHS OLD, because I can hardly believe it!) But yesterday he had his checkup so thought I'd write down the newest on the tyke.
He is 29 inches long (100%) 17 lbs 12 oz (55%) and his big ole head is still way off the charts. That's my boy! (Actually, the head was one of Daddy's contributions) Right, Eric?
He flirted endlessly with the nurse and doctor, and they fell for every minute of it. He's such a good flirt with that big smile.
He had his shots and for the first time didn't react with a fever or fussiness (YAY, because fevers freak me out. every time.)
We chatted about sleep, food (more about that later) etc etc. Henry gifted us all with a wonderful night of sleep after his big day. We are so proud of this little person, the pride just spills from every inch of us.

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