Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've Got Em'!

Ever since the first morning I saw a little pinhole in Henry's lower gums, I've been trying to catch a picture of the little teeth that have pushed their way through.  The day he turned six months old I saw the first, and the very next day came the second.  It took no time at all for the teeth to rise to the surface, but waiting for them to come up a bit further has taken longer than I expected.  But a couple of weeks later and here we are, and today I finally got that boy to show off the pearly whites!  Aren't they adorable!? I thought I would be incredibly sad to lose that gummy smile (the majority of it is still fully gummy), but of course now that the teeth are here I'm just tickled pink by them. His smile melts me into a giant baby-loving puddle. I have a feeling it won't be long until the next tooth comes... the chewing/drooling/chin & cheek irritation is still here in full force.  Such a fast growing boy he is!

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